• Biography of Late Mawlana A.Sattar Kurd

    Published on : 11 12 2010

    Note: We have been publishing series wise the biographies of some great personalities of Ahl-us-Sunna who belongs to Iran. Now “Sunnionline” presents you an article which describes the life of late Mawlana Abd-us-Sattar Kurd (Baloch).Mawlana Abd-us-Sattar was born at 20th Sh’aban of 1365 hijri (25th Oct, 1937) in “Gazak” village of “Khash” city in the […]


  • Shaikh A.Hameed Talks to ‘SunniOnline’ over the Deport of Tajik Students

    Published on : 01 12 2010

    Note: Recently the Tajik government called back all Tajik students of Islamic centers and seminaries who study out of Tajikistan. But a large number of students compelled to leave Sunni seminaries of Sistan-Balochistan without completing their education terms, like other Tajik students who are studying in separate countries also did so.In this regard “SunniOnline” got […]


  • Great Reformer Scholars of “Turkmen Sahra”

    Published on : 20 11 2010

    “Turkmen Sahra” (ترکمن صحرا) is a big area in the northeast of Iran. It contains “Golistan” province and some parts of “North Khorasan” province. Turkmen Sahra extends from “Bandar-e-Turkmen” (Turkmen Port) city to “Raz” city of North Khorasan. Turkmenistan is the northern neighbor of Turkmen Sahra which has 400 kilo meter longitude. The well known […]


  • Enmity and positive criticism are different, Shaikh A.Hameed told “Zahedan”

    Published on : 16 11 2010

    Note: The famous newspaper of Sistan & Balochistan province daily “Zahedan” had an interview with imam of the Sunnis and chairman of the Union of Sunni Schools of Sistan-Balochistan, respected Shaikh Abul Hameed; he discussed the critical matters of Sunni community as well as he talked about the fatwa of Ayatollah Khamenahi.


  • Sunni Community in Sistan

    Published on : 09 11 2010

    Sistan سیستان in Farsi, is well known in the historical books by “Sajistan”; it was the name of a huge territory of old Persia. But now it is a small part of historical Sajistan; it extended from Sabzewar, northern Iran to Sindh. Kerman and some regions of today’s Afghanistan also were parts of Sistan. This […]


  • Seminar to pay tribute to late Dr. Ghazi held in D.M Zahedan

    Published on : 03 11 2010

    A seminar to pay tribute and remember the excellence personality of late Dr. Mahmoud Ahmad Ghazi, a great Muslim thinker (may Allah rest his soul in eternal peace) was held on Saturday, October 30 at Darululoom Zahedan, Iran. Hundreds of students of Darululoom and different universities along with their teachers participated in this seminar. The […]


  • Increasing pressure on the Sunnis in Iran

    Published on : 29 10 2010

    If we cast a glance to the events that happened during the last few weeks, we would come to know well that pressure on the Sunnis in Iran is increasing day by day and now it has gone up more than before. Everyone can realize clearly how some radical elements lurk as they left no […]


  • “Shiraz” Before and After Safavid

    Published on : 16 10 2010

    “Shiraz” (شیراز) was one of the most important centers of knowledge (E’lm), as well as cradle of jurisprudence (Fiqh) and poetry in the history of Iran. Shiraz glimmered like a bright star in the sky of civilization by providing the nation geniuses scholars and experts in both art and knowledge (E’lm). Shiraz flourished a prosperous […]


  • Misinformation is continued against Iranian Sunnis

    Published on : 11 10 2010

    For a long time there are some elements which have been launching different kinds of propaganda against the Sunni community of Iran and their leaders.


  • Sunni Community of Zahedan

    Published on : 15 08 2010

    Geographical location of Zahedan: Zahedan is the capital of “Sistan & Baluchistan” province. It is situated in the south east of Iran and in the north of Baluchistan, near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, as the distance between Zahedan and the Pakistani border is 22 km. Zahedan is one of the crowded Iranian cities with a great […]