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Help flood victims of Baluchistan’s southern areas

Help flood victims of Baluchistan’s southern areas

Referring to the recent flood damages in the southern regions of Iranian Balochistan, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader strongly criticized the authorities for their weaknesses in providing relief to these people. “Instead of allocating budgets for Makran Beaches Development, the officials should have repaired the infrastructures of the flood-affected areas, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said.
He was talking to tens of thousands of worshippers before the Friday prayers of Zahedan on the first day of March, 2024.
“Why the country’s administration has failed to prevent flood damages in southern areas of Sistan-Baluchistan?, “he questioned.
The Iranian top Sunni leader continued his speech by saying: “Unfortunately, Dashtiari and the southern areas of Sistan-Baluchistan have been suffering damages due to floods for many times. The authorities have failed to provide facilities in these areas. Why the officials have failed to plan for these areas correctly? With the right expertise, the infrastructures will be fixed and the damages due to floods will be prevented. Why when the flood comes, all people’s property is destroyed?”
“There are few dams in the country that follow the principles and rules of dam constructions. Most dams are built without following the principles, “he added.
The Friday Imam of Zahedan said: “Instead of spending moneys for development of the “Makran Beach Project”, which is a big project, the authorities should have spent money to solve these problems. Instead of settling the people of other regions in the coastal areas of Chabahar, the officials should help the residents of these regions to improve their lives. They are Iranians and belong to this land. They need your help.”

We should not cause our nation to be ashamed before other nations
The president of Darululoom Zahedan further criticized the authorities and said: “Unfortunately, in our country, sometimes we witness investments on big projects, while some of these projects have no good results. We should put the Iranian nation first. People don’t have bread to eat and they suffer from poverty and hunger. The best use of the country’s capital is our people”. “Putting the nation first is more important than any other program and project. The nation must be taken into consideration to be saved from poverty, because poverty and hunger lead to corruption and misery, “Shaikh Abdol-Hamid underlined.
“Unfortunately, the value of the national currency has fallen among neighboring countries. We should not allow our nation to be embarrassed before other nations. Maintaining the nation is vital and important and effective, “said the eminent Iranian Sunni scholar of Zahedan.

State organs and people should fulfill their duty to help flood victims in the south of Balochistan
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid called on both the government and the nation to provide relief for the victims of Baluchistan’s flood-affected areas. He said: We thank Allah Almighty that after several years of drought, He sent down the rain and mercy. The rainfall covered many areas of Iran and Afghanistan. Iranian people also benefit from Afghanistan; one of these benefits is the water. We hope that with the heavy rains, the dry lakes will revive and the problem of water shortage will be solved. Many villages in the south of the province and Dashtiari region are surrounded by floods. Communication routes have been cut. The flood has destroyed people’s houses and their properties. Thank God that no human casualties have been reported. Many agricultural products have been damaged and most of the products have been destroyed.”
Mawlana Abdol-Hamid added: “The State bodies and organizations should fulfill their duties in this regard. Mohsenin Charity Institute of Zahedan, which is one of the people’s institutions, collects humanitarian aids to help the flood victims. Helping people is a human duty. In humanitarian aid, there is no difference between Muslims and non-Muslims. We should even try to save animals. Shaikh Abdul-Aziz, (funder of DarululoomZahedan) may Allah have mercy on him, used to say that if a person takes care of those who are afflicted with calamities, it is hoped that Allah will not afflict him with calamities.”
“Islam has encouraged all to help each other and all the cultures of the world believe in it, “he said more.

Israel has created another Holocaust in Gaza; History will not forget these massacres
The most outstanding Iranian Sunni scholar referred to the critical situation in Gaza and said: “Unfortunately, more than 30,000 people of Gaza have been martyred so far. Jews who are close to Zionism, have committed massacres in Gaza. History will not forget these massacres. Of course, humanity is important for us, and there is no difference between Jews and Muslims. Muslims are blamed if they violate the rights of Jews, just as we blame non-Muslims for violating rights of Muslims. If the Palestinians have committed excesses against the Jews, we have blamed them as well. No one should go beyond Shariah laws and violate human rights”.
“The people of Gaza are displaced and have become homeless. While they are waiting in line to receive bread and humanitarian aid, they are targeted; this is very painful. The people of Gaza do not have food for their children. Many of them use animal fodder. When the world is connected with each other, watching such scenes is really shocking and causes hatred, “Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said.
He questioned: “When the Jews have not forgotten the Holocaust and always mention it as a historical oppression, why they themselves have created another Holocaust?”
“We hope that Allah will stop the war between Israel and Palestine. This long-term dispute should be resolved forever so that these people can live together in peace, “said Imam of the Grand Makki Mosque of Zahedan.

Help the Grand Makki Mosque and the Darululoom Zahedan
The president of Darululoom Zahedan advised the people to help the Grand Makki Mosque and the Zahedan Darululoom, financially. He said: “The final works of the mosque have been doing. We need your financial support to complete the project. Therefore, we request you to help us. This mosque is the house of Allah; you build the house of Allah Almighty, Allah will settle your house in this world and the hereafter.”
“The Darululoom Zahedan, which is one of the largest scientific centers, has been facing problems. In this month and in the holy month of Ramadan, which are good months, help Makki Mosque, and Darululoom Zahedan and other mosques and Islamic schools and centers, “said Shaikh Abdol-Hamid in his last points.


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