• We Need 150.000 $ to Free Hostages

    Published on : 07 12 2016

    Note: It was Khabaronline, a local news agency, which posted a report about 21 Iranian Baloch sailors captured by some Somali pirates for the first time. Subsequently some other newspapers and news agencies talked with the family members of the hostages.


  • I’m Hopeful about Iranian Sunnis’ Future

    Published on : 26 11 2016

    An outstanding political activist of the Iranian Sunni community has criticized the role of the current ‘modern’ government of Iran regarding the rights of Iranian Sunnis. However, he expressed his optimism about the future of the Iranian Sunni community.


  • Last Years’ of a Vigilant Reformer

    Published on : 29 09 2016

    Maulana Abdol-Hamid narrates the life of late Maulana Abdol-Azîz, may Allah have mercy on him, after the Iranian revolution until his demise


  • Arrogant Powers Wanted to Embroil Turkey as Egypt

    Published on : 20 07 2016

    SunniOnline: An attempt for military coup in Turkey in the late hours of Friday 15th July and the disgraceful defeat of the coup plotter carried out different reactions in the world, especially among the Muslim societies. Most of the Muslim leaders, political parties, scientific and cultural circles and public figures condemned the failed coup. They […]


  • Rached Ghannouchi Q&A: Thoughts on democratic Islam

    Published on : 13 06 2016

    Ennahda has just taken a historic decision to separate itself from the mosque and to define itself purely as a political project. How do you define what you have done? Is it separation or specialisation ?


  • Tehran’s Shias Defend us

    Published on : 14 01 2016

    A prominent Sunni scholar in Tehran talks to ‘SunniOnline’:


  • Solution of the Middle East Crises in an Interview with Sh. Abdol-Hamid

    Published on : 26 10 2015

    Note: due to intensification of crisis in the Middle East and after the air strikes of Russia in Syria on the pretext of “war on extremism”, there have been different reactions to the attack. The Official website of the Sunni Community in Iran interviewed Mawlana Abdol-Hamid, the outstanding Sunni scholar in Iran and an expert […]


  • American Engineer Finds Islam in Indonesia

    Published on : 15 10 2015

    Interviewer: I’m joined by one of my brothers in Islam, brother Yusuf Burke. Assalamu`alaikum warhmatullahi wabarakatuh. Brother Yusuf: Walaikum assalamu warhmatullahi wabarkatuh.


  • Mina Incident ‘Shocking, Surprising’

    Published on : 30 09 2015

    The outstanding Iranian Sunni scholar has expressed his deep concerns and regret over the Mina incident, demanding a clear investigation of the shocking and surprising incident.


  • ‘Showing Concerns over Population of Iran’s Sunnis Baseless, Provoking’

    Published on : 25 05 2014

    The outstanding Sunni leader, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid has refused claims of some Iranian Shia scholars about the population of Sunnis and their economic advancement in some cities.