Eminent Kurdish Scholar Mullah Ab. Majeed Mowahhed Naderi

Eminent Kurdish Scholar Mullah Ab. Majeed Mowahhed Naderi

Mullah Abdul Majeed Mowahhed Naderi was born in Pirooza village of Jawanrood city of Kermanshah province. His family belonged to one of the grand sons of Saint Mikaeel Doodani, named Baba Wais son of the jurist Mahmood and held the religious leadership of Naderi tribe.

Late Abdul Majeed began his elementary education under supervision and auspices of his cousin Mullah Ahmad Naderi Piroozehiat the age of 6 or 7. He lost his mother and father respectively when he was only 12. Then, his guardianship went to his elder brother, Haji Kareem.
The demise of parents dropped his education for a while but  later on, one of his neighbors namely Khalifa Ahmad  Piroozehee encouraged Abdul Majeed reminding him of his father’s will for learning religious knowledge. So, he decided to revitalize his education.

Mullah Abdul Majeed after years of studies in Iraq and Iran under the guidance of prominent Islamic scholars of the time finished his study in Beyareh and received license for issuing religions decree from great scholar Mullah Abdul Karim Mudarres.

In October 1946, Mullah Abdul Majeed migrated to Dolatabad along with some of his students to disseminate what he had learned over the years by efforts and endeavors. In his cell in Dolatabad, he was engaged in teaching and training for about55 years. The result of this blessing stay was proliferation of Islamic education and culture in Oramanat region as well as Kurdish and Sunnite provinces in west and northern parts of the country.

Tens of students were honored and awarded certificates from Mullah Abdul Majeed. Meanwhile, in the role of a traditional judge, Qadhi, and jurisprudent as well as mediator and public benevolent he delivered valuable service to the small society of Dolatabad. Unique self-esteem and bravery in defense of the oppressed and lower class and implementation of divine laws against man-made laws of the tribal era and tribalism were the most outstanding characteristic of his personality.

He authored number of books in Arabic and Kurdish languages.
After104  years, full of blessing and serving Islamic Shariah and Sunnah, Mullah Abdul Majeed passed away on Tuesday, July1, 2008 in Dolatabad. May Allah bless him and place him in paradise.


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