Report: Annual Conference of Sunni Students in Zahedan

Report: Annual Conference of Sunni Students in Zahedan
daneshjou_90-Finally, after two months delay the Sunni students’ annual conference was held on 5th May 2011 in grand Makki mosque of Zahedan. Conference title was “Two foundations of development, liability and friendship with knowledge.” Intellectual figures leaded well and expressed their views before hundreds of students belonging to diverse parts of Iran.

Declaring ignorance, prejudice, poverty, bad planning, unrest and foreign intervention the most important barriers to development, a student from Jask city said, “There is proper guidance to eliminate all those barriers liability.”

He emphasized that knowledge is not limited in religious studies neither modern science should be titled knowledge independently.

In this part of the program, a student from the Zabol University presented an essay that was titled with “The role of Islamic culture, Qur’an and educated people in globalization.”

He said that culture plays a key role to protect and achieve the permanence and freedom; because Islamic culture is based on Holy Spirit of the great book Qur’an.
He further said that getting prominence in the culture and civilization, the Holy Qur’an closely describes eight issues:

“Being far away from the stranger civilizations”, ”to migrate for the safety of religious culture”, ”only to trust in Allah”, ”ban on preaching and imitation of a stranger civilization”, ”to be patient while giving safety to Islamic culture”, ”effective role of leadership in the care of culture”, ”Keeping an eye on the enemies’ tactics.”
The student of the Zabol University emphasized the students that they should not focus on ‘mass’ and the ‘number’ rather they should focus on quality, and they should work hard for best learning and improvement rather than achieving the maximum degrees.

Talking to the conference participants, Maulana Abdul Majeed Moradzehi and an activist from Khaaf (Khorasan) continued the first session.

The Khaafi activist said that cultural activities should be in order to save the beliefs in universities and other institutes. In this way pagans and bad fan elements will be defeated and depressed.

“Whoever leaves work to reform society, Allah does not pay attention to them,” He pointed.

Mufti Mohammad Qasim Qasemi concluded this part of the conference with his effective speech. And in a spiritual atmosphere at the end, Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdul Hameed talked about most important points, and did Dua.

End of dictatorship in the Muslim countries arrived:

The famous khateeb and key leader of Sunni community in Iran, Maulana Abdul Hameed (may Allah grant blessings in his life) while addressing the students said, “Do try to offer five-time prayers, any where you are, whether in hostels or in college and university boundaries, in all circumstances try to offer prayers in congregation. Allah (subhanahu wa taala) does not accept cheap show in prayer issue.”

molana_daneshjouyan_90Giving more advice to students he said that they always try to study books, and be in touch with scholars and take guidance from them. “Avoid great sins and do not forget that Allah is watching us. There should be the love of Allah and His Messenger (SAW) in your hearts and try to be debtors,” Shaikh urged.

Mawlana Abdul Hameed added more, “Until we gain knowledge and become real debtors, our position in the world will not lead to progress. If Iran’s Sunni community works certainly they will gain knowledge and conquered the highest peaks and they will be considered a high level community.”

He said, “If we have knowledge and experience in modern sciences, people all over the world would need us. We become popular and beloved by Allah and His angels if we remain the submitted servants.”

During his important speech, Shaikh-ul-Islam commented on the current affairs of the Muslim countries saying, “Dictatorship and single party system’s bed was scored by the power of Allah almighty. God willing, in the future generosity environment will be established. Freedom and independence will spread further. Seeing the fall of dictators, some other countries and heads have reached this conclusion that they must find a solution of problems with the open mind, people should be given freedom in their social and legal issues.”

‘We are Sunnis & we would remain on Ahl-us-Sunna sect till last breath’

The prominent scholar strongly said, “Likewise we are proud of our religion, similarly we are proud of our country Iran as well. We have been trying for the security of its border to border and national unity. If we have no national unity, the country will not progress. That’s why; Sunni community wants to be involved in matters of ruling of the country and security of their country. Sunnis are constantly being ignored while the eight-year Iran-Iraq war thousands of Sunnis sacrificed their lives and presented themselves for the defense of their mother land.”

Famous Sunni leader added, “We love our religion and main ideologies. We will sacrifice our honor, respect and other valuable things but we will not give up honor of Islam as well as our beliefs. We will not exchange our beliefs for worldly posts and till the last breath we would remain Sunnis, our death will be on the same view.”

He emphasized that if someone thinks, it is possible that Sunnis may suffer weakness in their beliefs and the sect of Ahl-us-Sunna; such elements must be disappointed now, because it is not possible for us to leave our basic ideologies.

Maulana Abdul Hameed strictly said that religious freedom is very important for us. It is our constitutional right to facilitate our children about religious education in any region and city of Iran we want, prayers and other acts of worship should not pay any obstacle.

Demanding from the top officials the elimination of discriminative policies and manners, he said the provision of justice is main demand of Sunni community. The people, led by former Leader brought revolution for justice, so the capable individuals of Shia and Sunni should have equal status in the country. We think conservatism is a source of fall and if any religion or state has narrow-mindedness, it will damage the system of that state very badly.

Finally, he pointed to some other problems saying that few extremist elements of the country stopped some Sunnis to come to Zahedan. Many students could not participate in this spiritual and cultural conference because of the government agencies. Such conferences and gatherings are useful for the national unity and they need not to worry about it.

Knowledge that leads to success must be pivot of life:

Head of Dar-ul-iftah Darululoom Zahidan, Mufti Muhammad Qasim Qasmi declined religiosity and seeking knowledge correlative and said that knowledge which leads us towards felicity must be the pivot of life.

molana_daneshjouyan_90He urged that knowledge may repel disobedience and contumacy when it is into remembrance of Allah Almighty.

The editor of ‘Neday Islam’ magazine added more, ‘Seeking knowledge and education should be axis of our activities, gaining the please of Allah and serving Islam and Muslims must be the intention of you.’

Mufti Qasmi addressed the students saying that knowledge of the Qur’an is base of all subjects. You should learn how to recite holy Qur’an and what the Qur’an talks about.

He criticized the education system of the Islamic Republic of Iran saying, ‘It is really regretful that students of schools and colleges can not read holy Qur’an even after graduation. The authorized departments must deliberate over it.’

Shaikh emphasized on students to avoid from all sorts of sins. The Freemasons have been trying to spread nudism and immodesty over the world especially among Muslims. They want to protect Israel, eliminate religions and dispread obscenity; so that they grade the way for Dajjal.

The grand Mufti counted some results of sins and said that “internal demolition”, “tension” and “regret” are the bad affects of sins. On the other hand, if you want to be safe from sins, then recite the Qur’an very much, be determined, remember Allah always by doing dhikr, sit in good companies, imitate the Sunnah of holy prophet and call people towards Allah.

Islamic sobriety must be widened:

Maulana Abdul Majeed Khashi talked about “Islamic sobriety and logical dialogues” in his speech at the annual conference of Sunni students.

molana_daneshjouyan_90 Mawlana Khshi indicated towards the incident of Osama bin Laden’s assassination in Pakistan and said. “Osama Bin laden was a great Mujahid of this era. I hope the martyrdom of Shaikh will be author for Islamic wakefulness and victory of Muslims vs. Zionists.’

Shaikh Abdul Majeed pointed that there is no ‘logical discussion’ in our societies even on family levels and classes in seminaries and modern educational institutes. Due to this, political parties cannot speak openly.

He said that the rulers are like ‘father’, they must listen to masses, they must not abject people. Otherwise, masses will rebel and create more crises. When no one is ready to sit around the table of dialogue and the voice of common people and communities are depressed, then of course an explosion of violence would take place in societies.


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