• Iran’s Sunnis, Saudi’s Shias; a Fair Comparison

    Published on : 18 06 2011

    Note: Some national media sources have been publishing articles to compare the situation of both Sunni community of Iran and Shiite community of Saudi Arabia. These elements claim that Sunni community in Iran has more civil rights and liberties than Shiites in Saudi. Dear readers, the following article is a brief comparison of the two […]


  • Shaikh A.Hamid talks over the recent pressures on Sunnis of Iran

    Published on : 22 05 2011

    Recent statements by the Deputy Representative in the affairs of the Sunnis in the province of “Sistan and Baluchistan,” about the holding of competitions in Hifz-e-Qur’an and nice recitation among the Sunni students, as well as summoning a number of prominent Sunni scholars to the Special Court for Clerics in Mashhad and other security circles […]


  • Sunnis in “Mahabad”

    Published on : 16 05 2011

    The city of “Mahabad” مهاباد is one of the most important cities of the Sunni community in western Iran. It is located south of Lake Urmia, in a narrow valley at a height of 1300 metres above sea level. Mahabad is one of the big cities of “Western Azerbaijan” province (northwest Iran), which is connected […]


  • Report: Annual Conference of Sunni Students in Zahedan

    Published on : 13 05 2011

    Finally, after two months delay the Sunni students’ annual conference was held on 5th May 2011 in grand Makki mosque of Zahedan. Conference title was “Two foundations of development, liability and friendship with knowledge.” Intellectual figures leaded well and expressed their views before hundreds of students belonging to diverse parts of Iran.


  • Mawlana Taj Muhammad; a Great Scholar of Baluchistan

    Published on : 28 04 2011

    The prominent and great Islamic scholar Mawlana Taj Muhammad Bozorgzade son of Esmaeel was born in 1917 in “Naskand” (نسکند) village of Sarbaaz city, Baluchistan, Iran.


  • Kurdish Sunni Scholar, Late Mullah Muhammad Rabee’i

    Published on : 08 03 2011

    The prominent Kurdish Sunni scholar Mullah Muhammad Rabee’i (martyred) was born in 1932, in “Darasb” village of “Diwandarra” district, Kurdistan province of Iran.He learnt holy Quran from his mother when he was 5. His father Mullah Abdul Hakeem and uncle Mullah Mahamouad were well-oriented religious scholars, as he got the basic Islamic education from them. […]


  • Shaikh A.Hameed Talks to ‘Sunnionline’ over Taibad’s Incidents

    Published on : 24 01 2011

    Some days before the Iranian Intelligence officials compelled Shaikh Mohammad Mowahhid Fadheli, imam and khateeb of Sunnis in “Taibad” city, to resign from his assigned activities. As the result of this illegal order of the Intelligence Ministry clashes took place between Sunni community and the security forces; on late Friday 21-01-2011 the inhabitants of  Taibad […]


  • Faqih of Balochistan Late Mawlana Shahdad

    Published on : 20 12 2010

    The prominent faqih (Muslim Jurist) and Islamic scholar, Allama Shahdad Sarawani (Meskanzai) was one of the famous contemporary scholars of Balochistan, Iran. He was born in 1924 in a religious family of “Kohan Malek Souran” (کهن ملک سوران) village of Sarawan city, central Balochistan of Iran.


  • Biography of Late Mawlana A.Sattar Kurd

    Published on : 11 12 2010

    Note: We have been publishing series wise the biographies of some great personalities of Ahl-us-Sunna who belongs to Iran. Now “Sunnionline” presents you an article which describes the life of late Mawlana Abd-us-Sattar Kurd (Baloch).Mawlana Abd-us-Sattar was born at 20th Sh’aban of 1365 hijri (25th Oct, 1937) in “Gazak” village of “Khash” city in the […]


  • Shaikh A.Hameed Talks to ‘SunniOnline’ over the Deport of Tajik Students

    Published on : 01 12 2010

    Note: Recently the Tajik government called back all Tajik students of Islamic centers and seminaries who study out of Tajikistan. But a large number of students compelled to leave Sunni seminaries of Sistan-Balochistan without completing their education terms, like other Tajik students who are studying in separate countries also did so.In this regard “SunniOnline” got […]