Shaikh A.Hamid talks over the recent pressures on Sunnis of Iran

Shaikh A.Hamid talks over the recent pressures on Sunnis of Iran
shaikh-abdolhameed-interviewRecent statements by the Deputy Representative in the affairs of the Sunnis in the province of “Sistan and Baluchistan,” about the holding of competitions in Hifz-e-Qur’an and nice recitation among the Sunni students, as well as summoning a number of prominent Sunni scholars to the Special Court for Clerics in Mashhad and other security circles in recent times; in the same way questioning & investigating of some government departments from some people about the rebuilding project of the Makki Masjid and the sources of donations which are utilized in such constructions; all of these issues were discussed in an interview of “SunniOnline” with the top leader of the Sunni community in Iran, Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdul Hameed (may Allah protect him.)
Here is the text of the interview:

SunniOnline: The Deputy Representative in the affairs of the Sunnis in “Sistan and Baluchistan,” said that the tenth function of Quranic competitions held few days ago in Darululoom Zahedan among the students from all the areas inhabited by Sunnis, it was held without permission from the government. What do you think about these statements?

Shaikh Abdul Hameed: First, this Quranic competition in both Hifz-e-Qur’an & nice recitation is not the original and famous ones, which are conducted between the distinguished readers of the Holy Quraan; because we do not have the necessary resources, as well as these competitions at the primary level is like a preparatory, in fact, it is an exercise for the readers to keep themselves preparing for the Official competitions.

Secondly, holding such competitions is in the scope of religious freedom stated by the Constitution.
As well as the meeting of university students that has been established with the delay of the original schedule after the insistence of the local officials, is our constitutional right. In fact, it is a meeting held annually to unit religious centers with modern universities. In such meetings slogans or statements are not issued, but it offers some tips by some teachers to students on different topics of religion, learning and study.

It is a strange point that the Deputy Representative of the Supreme Leader considered this Quranic meeting the arrival of enemies to their ominous aims.
There is no doubt that the establishment of Quranic competitions and student visits, are sources for the consolidation of fraternity and unity, which helps the security of the border regions; in addition to it, such useful meetings caused the blessings and mercies of God on the region.

Certainly, what is more sensitive and danger that is sectarian, similarly the looting of legitimate freedoms and imposition of ideological pressure on the Sunnis are the parts of such condemnable policies.

Thirdly, experience has shown if permission was demanded from the officials, firstly they forbid holding such meetings, secondly, if they agree; they create such conditions which make the establishers of these meetings repentant.

An example leading to it, the application asked for the establishment of an informative conference about the services of Shaikh ‘Abdul Aziz’ (may God have mercy on him), as well as the application asked to give permission for a party for graduates of the National University and the University of Medicine in Sistan and Balochistan; all these requests were rejected by the related officials.

Unfortunately, permissions are not now confined to the students meetings and Quranic competitions, but in many cities, the officials have forced Sunnis to get permissions for authorization to establish prayers in congregation, Friday and Eid prayers and teaching the Holy Quran, where many places were closed where Sunnis offered prayers. So who are following the license, have not gotten positive results so far.

It appears to me that the narrow-minded elements in Iran can not bear religious freedom of Sunnis, their pressure has reached its peak in recent years, the Sunni community of Iran declares it unbearable and never accept it.

In my opinion, maintainace of unit, war on extremism, and rollback of the enemies  to their ominous targets, can be achieved by the capacity of chest and bearing the legal and legitimate freedoms of Sunnis.
Revolutions and developments in the Middle East now-a-days,  are the results of pressure and loss of imagination and distinctions and the neglect of the demands of masses. Many of these countries want to take over all the affairs of the lives of people, even seminaries, mosques and prayers, and some more personal affairs of people, this issue has disastrous results.

My will from compassion is that officials should not rise up the sensitive issues and mustn’t interfere in doctrinal matters of Sunnis. They should be satisfied by supervising, when they have not seen the negative aspects of such activities, let them be thankful to the Lord Almighty.
Quranic competitions and student meetings and functions of the distribution of medals at the end of year, do not carry damage to the fraternity and national security, but they always have positive results.
There are complaints of the Sunnis from the office of WaliFaqih in Sistan and Baluchistan that this institution since its inception has not declared Sunnis trustees of her, it did not employ one of them as an administrator in different sections, the role of this department must be ideal, other  departments should have followed her in the province.

SunniOnline: Recently a large number of scholars of the region (Sistan and Baluchistan) were summoned by the Special Court for Clerics in ‘Mashhad’ and the other security circles, as well as many of them were arrested. What is your view on these summons and arrests?

Shaikh Abdul Hameed: Sunnis in Iran in general and the people of this province in particular, are very worried about these arrests and summoning the Scholars to the courts,  authorities consider by this way they would be able to impose political and sectarian pressure on the Sunnis.

Unfortunately, some of these calls come for the objection by the Sunni scholars over the demolition of “Imam Abu Hanifa” seminary in Azeemabad village of Sistan region, which was destroyed by the Iranian authorities 2 years and 9 months ago. Now the courts summon them.

Some officials believed that whatever the government is doing, no one has right to criticize them, while the only person that whatever he wants and not be asked about it that is only God almighty, Allah Almighty says:
“لا يُسئل عما يفعل وهم يُسئلون”
“He will not be asked about whatever He does, and the people would be asked (by Him.)”

Having no right to be objected by any one that is only God almighty, it is only the characteristics of greatest Lord.

The men in government in Iran are titled with ‘Masool’ which means “a person who is responsible”, and it is always criticized and objected to what he does, the elected government always can be criticized by people, but we did not find a public government agents criticism.

Second, the officials in Iran, directly or indirectly are elected by the public, and the basic right of people to criticize mistakes of the government. The officials should not be worried of constructive criticism.

The dictatorial regimes in the world, which see themselves as the absolute ruler and escape from questioning and always remain afraid of criticism from their public.

It should be noted that many of the scholars of the region have been summoned and two teachers of Darululoom Zahedan are in prison of the Intelligence authorities.

SunniOnline: We heard that some people have been  investigated and asked about the expansion project of the Makki mosque as well as about the sources of funding for this mosque and donations being spent on this building, more over, some extremist resources further said that certain countries are funding to build the Makki mosque. What is your point of view in these words?

Shaikh Abdel-Hamid: As for as the reconstruction work of the Makki mosque is concerned, our religious beliefs have lined up us to spend money in such places, people work and participate in rebuilding of the mosque free of charge; because they believe that they would be rewarded in the Hereafter.

It is surprising that Iran is supporting most of the Shiites in the world financially, even Iran provides financial assistance to some of Sunnis out of Iran, as some of the officials in their meetings with some Sunnis have said that the Iranian government have been funding seminaries of Shiites outside of Iran.
Unfortunately, the Iranian State shows sensitivity over the things it does itself.

We refrain from accepting financial support from the Muslim countries, there are two reasons:
1 –Most of countries which help in some particular cases, have political ambitions, and do not aid for the pleasure of the Lord Almighty, we reject such assistance.

2 – We are well aware of the sensitivity of the government and the Iranian officials to such contributions; we do not want to provoke the officials.

The intelligence authorities get and have informations about private life and secrets of citizens, if there was any case of getting fund from other countries, they would have shown it.
The related authorities should not waste their time in investigating of this issue, because it has no existence.


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