Shaikh Ab. Hameed talks to SunniOnline over his trip to Tehran

Shaikh Ab. Hameed talks to SunniOnline over his trip to Tehran

Note: The eminent Iranian Sunni leader, Shaikh Abdul Hameed Ismaeelzahi, visited Tehran in recent days.

“SunniOnline” interviewed Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunna about the propellant of his trip. The text of the interview is before you:

* You visited Tehran few days ago, what was the journey for?

** My trip to the capital was for treatment and a full checkup; all praise is due to Allah, I am fine and healthy.

* Whom you met in the trip?

** I did not meet any official person from the government; but I met some Sunni residents of Tehran. Some Sunni compatriots from other parts of the country came to Tehran to meet me, as they became aware of my presence in Tehran.

* What they discussed in the meetings?

** The most important issue that was hashed out was about the unemployment of Sunni citizens and their sever marginalization. The official departments have been refusing Iranian Sunnis by adopting discriminative policies. This is in stark contrast to the constitution which causes resentment of Sunni Muslims of Iran.

Their second concern was over the “religious freedom.” Although, the constitution asserts liberties for Sunnis and other sects lucidly. It is very regrettable that the rulers have been striving to interfere in our religious and educational affairs by the name of “reformation of mosques and seminaries.” In fact, they want to take the control of our mosques and religious schools.

Another matter that we discussed was over the confinement of Sunnis’ gatherings and ceremonies. The local authorities ask us for written permission for all religious and academic ceremonies.

“Sunnis’ mosque in Tehran” was another issue that we talked about it. There are thousands of Sunni Muslims live in Tehran without holding a single mosque in the city. Tehran’s Sunnis are quite worried over the matter. Sunnis want the rulers to terminate discriminative rules and policies.

Finally, it was decided to follow up all the discussed issues and incontestable rights of the Sunni community through the legal ways.    


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