Failure of a State-held Meeting over Insulting Shaikh A. Hameed

Failure of a State-held Meeting over Insulting Shaikh A. Hameed

IRAN, KHASH- A meeting held by the Iranian authorities in Khash, Sistan-Baluchistan, failed to complete its work over insult of Shaikh Abdul Hameed Ismaeelzahi and biggest Sunni centers on Saturday, 28, January 2012.

In the meeting, titled “Insight and Lucidity,” tribal chiefs and Islamic scholars were invited who protested the abusive speeches of some vicious officials and broadcast of a suspicious video clip of an Afghan prisoner.

According to credible reports, all participators left the gathering after expressing their severe anger and concerns over the sectarian words of a security official and showing of a video clip of an Afghan prisoner. The captive, outwardly, claimed to be a graduate of Darululoom Zahedan. He claimed that Imam of the Grand Makki mosque and rector of Darululoom Zahedan is head of a faction, the official named it “Makki Movement” who defends the Sunni community of Iran and demands their due constitutional rights.

The prisoner added in his ‘confessions’, obviously forced by security authorities, that he had got admission in Darululoom Zahedan by a fake identity card. “Grand Makki mosque does not try to maintain unity between Sunnis and Shias, they told us the regime never provides Sunni citizens jobs, the rulers are not interested in advancement of Ahl-us-Sunnah and implement discriminative policies,” he further said.

After showing the clip, the deputy of Intelligence Ministry in the Sistan-Baluchistan province addressed the audience saying: “You follow the Hanafi school of thought, I advise you to have Hanafi ardor! Imam Abu Hanifa conditioned the establishment of Friday prayers with permission of government; a person (Shaikh Abdul Hameed) states from the tribune of Grand Makki mosque that government’s permission is not necessary. Apart of twenty persons, no one refuted.”

The security official went on to continue his nefarious words saying that a person joined Darululoom Zahedan, his name was Ata Muhammad. The administration changed his name to “Ata Allah” reasoning that Ata Muhammad meant ‘given by Muhammad’. “Is not the belief of Wahhabis?” he asked.

When the provincial official was insulting Shaikh Abdul Hameed, Imam and Khateeb of Ahl-us-Sunnah in Zahedan and the head of Darululoom Zahedan, Shaikh Othman Qalandarzahi, an eminent scholar in Khash and rector of “Madinat-ul-Uloom Khash” stood stating, “We thought this meeting would be about the ongoing crises faced by the country, not about claims of an unknown person. You argue purports of an unauthenticated person about the largest religious centre of Ahl-us-Sunnah in Iran! No doubt, Grand Makki mosque and Darululoom Zahedan are representatives of the Sunni community in Iran. It is enough to know that the biggest gathering of us held by this seminary where officials and other citizens attend the meeting. But, unfortunately the authorities can not bear seeing this honorable gathering. This prominent centre has proved by acts that we want a peaceful atmosphere for all sects.”

Following remarks of Shaikh Othman, the fanatic official asked, “Why do you give admission to refugees?” Where Shaikh Gul Mohammad, rector of “Makhzan-ul-Uloom Khash” replied, “When the regime allows refugees to live in Iran; how can we forbid their children from learning Holy Qur’an in our seminaries?”

Shaikh Ebrahim Yarmohammadzahi, a teacher at Makhzan-ul-Uloom Khash came before the audience and said, “I am so amazed that you speak about a person without looking your status, you have insulted the greatest Sunni seminary of the country and offended the leader of Ahl-us-Sunnah.”

He added questioning, “Is it against Islamic unity to demand due rights of Ahl-us-Sunnah? Demands of Shaikh Abdolhameed are the demands of the entire Sunni community of Iran. Is it “insight” to insult Sunnis’ religious centers and their leader in ongoing circumstances of the country?”

After him, Shaikh Muhammad Gul stood in front and said that the regime should be grateful to Shaikh Abdul Hameed, because he plaid an important and pivotal role in bringing security and peaceful life for all in the region.” Then he walked out in protest.

The circle of protests extended to out of auditorium, people raised their voices saying: “Why the governor of Khash invited us to such anti-unity meetings?”

The participators expressed their deep regrets on the deception of authorities who titled the meeting “Insight and Lucidity.”

Source: SunniOnline


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