• A Look at the Life of Mawlana M. Yousuf Husseinpour

    Published on : 05 12 2019

    Mawlana Muhammad Yusuf Husseinpour was a senior Iranian Sunni scholar in Baluchistan


  • A Man with Three Different Qualities

    Published on : 31 10 2019

    Qualities of Mawlana Abdol-Hamid have made him popular on the national level. He is grand Sunni scholar in Iran.


  • A Long Dispute Resolved in 8 Mins.

    Published on : 12 10 2019

    Armin, belongs to Tehran, narrates the story of his life which was prone to be destroyed. He tells us the story of his family dispute resolution.


  • No Divine Right to Dictatorship

    Published on : 26 09 2019

    Peaceful protestors have taken to the streets for the second day across Egypt calling for Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to step down.


  • The bridal dowry (mahr) in Islam

    Published on : 11 12 2018

    Allah Most High says: “Indeed, We know what We have enjoined upon them for their wives.” (Surah Ahzaab Aayat 50)


  • Unity as a community

    Published on : 03 12 2018

    The Muslim community inherently understands adversity- we have faced persecution because of our beliefs for centuries.


  • Hijrah: Thinking Outside the Box

    Published on : 10 09 2018

    The event of Hijrah highlights two important aspects of the Prophet’s life (peace and blessings be upon him):


  • The benefits of cupping (hijama)

    Published on : 09 09 2018

    The act of performing Hijama (cupping) is a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s peace be upon him) and it is extensively reported in a wide collection of authentic ahadith. Its practice is strongly recommended and emphasized in a number of narrations. The practice of Hijama forms an integral part of Islamic Prophetic Medicine.


  • The ultimate lesson of Qurbani

    Published on : 18 08 2018

    SUBMISSION Islam is submission. As Muslims we submit, surrender and hand over ourselves to the Divine command of Allah Most High and the perfect Sunnah of Nabi (ﷺ). In our Imaan, we submit and surrender our intelligence and understanding to believe in Allah Most High and in the unseen, as explained to us by Nabi […]


  • Harmony in the home: 10 tips for Muslim couples

    Published on : 26 06 2018

    What does it take to stay Muslim, married and extremely happy today? As oxymoronic as that just sounded, believe it or not, it’s absolutely possible!