• Importance of Faith and Prayer

    Published on : 09 02 2020

    All blessings whether they are visible or invisible for us, belong to Allah Almighty as Allah has mentioned in the holy Qur’an: {و ما بکم من نعمة فمن الله}.


  • Divine Punishment in China

    Published on : 01 02 2020

    The Chinese government has been oppressing Muslims for decades, but no one has been ready to really support them.


  • The three stages of Hypocrisy

    Published on : 24 09 2019

    Muhaddithul ‘Asr; ‘Allamah Muhammad Yusuf Al-Binnory (rahinahullah) writes:


  • Shia Ulama in Sunni Madrasah

    Published on : 02 08 2019

    Unlike some neighboring countries, in Iran, Shia and Sunni communities have a different experience of co-existence.


  • Remembrances of My First Ramadan

    Published on : 20 04 2019

    I was 27 years old when I converted to Islam and consequently spent 27 years celebrating Christian holidays and birthdays.


  • World Advanced, KSA Withdrew

    Published on : 24 10 2018

    Finally international pressures left no choice for Saudi Arabia but to confess that Jamal Khashoggi had been murdered inside Saudi consulate in Istanbul.


  • Non-stop Series of Insulting Sahabah in Iran

    Published on : 02 10 2018

    Reports suggest a fanatic Iranian footballer, Shayan Mosleh, has insulted some great Sahabah, including the Mother of the Believers Ayishah, the Guided Caliphs and all others who gathered at Thaqeef swearing allegiance with Abu-Bakr As-Seddiq.


  • Shaikh Ab. Hamid’s Talks in Sunni Rectors’ Meeting

    Published on : 01 10 2018

    Dozens of Rectors gathered at Darululoom Zahedan to take part in the first meeting of ongoing academic year on 29th Sep. 2018.


  • Why I Wear Hijab

    Published on : 24 09 2018

    I often wonder whether people see me as a radical fundamentalist and terrorist Muslim who hides an AK-47 assault rifle underneath her jean jacket.


  • The Way to Free Palestine

    Published on : 04 09 2018

    Palestine and its holy sites have a key role in the Islamic strategy. It enjoys a good status before Allah Almighty and His last messenger.