• The Future of Sunnite Community of Iran

    Published on : 15 06 2010

    Abstract of Molana Abdul Hamid’s Interview with Neday-e- Islam magazine:


  • Report: Twelfth annual competitions completed

    Published on : 04 06 2010

    The twelfth annual session of different competitions containing: delivering speech in four languages (Persian, Baluchi, Arabic and English), poetry and Islamic songs got completed on Thursday night at Darululoom Zahedan.


  • The Ex-Mufti of Darululoom Zahedan Late Mufti Khoda Nazar

    Published on : 05 05 2010

    Birth of respected Mufti Khuda Nazar (late): He was born in 1342 H.Q (1923) in an educated, religious and a very simple family in a village which is located in Zabul (the adjoining area of Sistan and Balochistan).


  • Baseless blames over Sunnis of Iran

    Published on : 24 04 2010

    At long last some activist & extremist stood up to propagate against Iranian Sunnis by relating some baseless, silly and nonsense articles with them; their main target is to make an effort to provoke Iranian Shiite against Iranian Sunnis and to calumniate Sunni community in Iran.


  • Some quotes from historical life of great Sunni personalities of Iran

    Published on : 15 04 2010

    The sun of Islam rose up in island of Arab then in no time it spread out in different sides of Arab like Iraq, Syria, Persia and the Kurd tribes including other Arab tribes embraced the great religion of Islam. When the Islam religion emerged in seventh century A.D, the great Kurd tribes played an […]


  • Grand Makki Mosque of Zahedan

    Published on : 05 04 2010

    To know the great status of the Grand Makki mosque of Zahedan, Iran and its influence on the country, we should reflect on the environment of stricken ignorance where the mosque was founded.


  • Report: Annual gathering of Iran’s Sunni students in Zahidan

    Published on :

    The Office for university students at Darululoom Zahedan University established an orientation session for the Sunni under graduate students with experienced scholars and intellectuals personalities.


  • 30 Years after Revolution; pressure upon Sunnis multiplied

    Published on : 29 01 2010

    Summery of Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdul Hameed’s interview with Nedaye Islam on the occasion of “Islamic Revolution of Iran” which has been entered in its fourth decade. On the occasion of the arrival of Islamic Revolution in Iran to its fourth decade, Nedaay Islam International magazine interviewed the leader of Sunnis in Iran, Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdul […]


  • The Sunni areas in Iran

    Published on : 21 01 2010

    Before Islam, Iran was under the rule of Persians Magi king of Sassanid empire. Iran was conquered under the rule of the second Caliph Omar al-Farouq (may Allah be pleased with him). After that, the Iranian folk accepted the comprehensive religion of Islam. There was a very small number of Shias in Iran, in the […]