• Endowment, Fountainhead of Benevolence

    Published on : 30 05 2019

    Endowment is a social, cultural and economic movement which has focused on some problems of Muslim societies resolving them well.


  • Tax in Muslim Countries

    Published on : 11 05 2019

    Taxation is one of the oldest socio-economic phenomena which is as old as governorship. In the early ages, taxes used to be collected for the sake of rulers’ expenses and their revelry.


  • Abū Dharr al-Ghifari, may Allāh be Pleased with him

    Published on : 31 01 2019

    Abū Dharr al-Ghifāri, Jūndab s/o Jūnādah s/o Qays, was the fourth or fifth person converting to Islam.


  • Jihâd in Prophetic Biography (Seerah)

    Published on : 31 07 2018

    Confrontation of light and darkness is an everlasting confrontation. Islam has obliged every Muslim to defend the truth and reality before the falsehood as much as they can by utilizing all facilities and tools. This duty is called “Jihâd” in Islamic culture.


  • Studying Key Factors in the Formation of Iqbal’s Personality

    Published on : 24 07 2018

    Allâmah Mohammad Iqbal is among the special, unexampled and famous personalities and a poet familiar with the pains of people in the contemporary history of Muslims in the East.


  • Conceptualizing Justice

    Published on : 09 06 2018

    Hardly a person can be found who is unware of the conception of two famous but antithetic words; justice and cruelty.


  • Ten Days in Australia

    Published on : 11 11 2017

    Ten days long journey in Australia passed in a flash. The hosts complained that the duration of the trip is short; I also felt these few days were less.


  • Expelled from Home, Caught in Neighbors’ Purgatory

    Published on : 31 10 2017

    Myanmar’s Muslim minority, Rohingya have been described by the UN as “the most friendless people in the world”.


  • A Glance into Halal Industry in Iran and World

    Published on : 25 10 2017

    The issue of Halal and Haram (permissible and forbidden) has been discussed and underlined in all divine religions. The objects of Halal and Haram have been discussed and expressed in Islam on the basis of strong, clear and wide principles in the Qur’an and Sunnah.


  • Leniency & Tolerance in Prophetic Life

    Published on : 31 08 2017

    Leniency and tolerance are two favorite characters in all human societies of different sects, religions and intellectual tendencies. Practical fulfilment of these two characteristics in a society has direct influences on the durability and survival of that society.