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Meritocracy Has no Place in the Country

The most influential Iranian Sunni leader criticized the new order for employing 5000 citizens which had refused priority rights for locals.

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Blast hurts US troops, kills passersby in Syrian Manbij

A restaurant in northern Syria’s Manbij town center was rocked by an explosion Wednesday, killing at least 16 people and injuring many others, a Syrian war monitoring group said.

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Report: 20 million Yemenis at severe risk

Up to 20 million Yemeni’s — two-thirds of the country’s population — are food insecure, primarily because of the war that has ravaged the impoverished country.

Sunnis in Iran

Sunnis in Birjand with Only One Mosque

Birjand is the provincial capital of Khorasan-e Jonoubi (South Khorasan) in the eastern part of Iran. It is one of the famous and historical Iranian cities with more than 200 thousand population.


The bridal dowry (mahr) in Islam

Allah Most High says: “Indeed, We know what We have enjoined upon them for their wives.” (Surah Ahzaab Aayat 50)