Iran's sunnis

Deep Reformations, Negotiations Solutions to Ongoing Crises

The most influential Iranian Sunni leader alluded to the ongoing crises of the country and urged on “deep reformations” and “negotiations even with number one enemies”.

Muslim World

Syria bombings: UN says ‘worst fears are coming true’ in Idlib

The United Nations has warned of a humanitarian crisis unfolding in Syria’s northwest province of Idlib, as Western powers challenged Syria and its ally Russia to provide assurances that attacks on hospitals and schools would stop.

Muslim Minorities

N.Zealand massacre suspect charged with terror offense

New Zealand prosecutors pressed a terrorism charge against the gunman accused of killing dozens of Muslim worshippers in March in Christchurch, a police chief said Tuesday.


China’s war on Islam

The Luopu County No 1 Vocational Skills Training Centre is hard to miss. It emerges suddenly, a huge campus towering over hectares of farmland.