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Sunni Bloc of IR Parliament Demand Sunnis’ Share in New Cabinet

Ahead of forming new cabinet by president Rouhani, 20 Sunni members of the Majlis (parliament) have asked the president to “use elites of Sunnis in the 12th government.”

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India revokes Zakir Naik’s passport

India has revoked the passport of Islamic preacher Zakir Naik after he repeatedly ignored requests to present himself before the India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA).

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Zakir Naik: Why India wants to arrest the preacher

He has 16 million followers on Facebook, 150,000 on Twitter and has given more than 4,000 lectures on Islam across the world. But Zakir Abdul Karim Naik, the popular televangelist and Islamic preacher, is now wanted by the Indian authorities.

Sunnis in Iran

‘Highlight Country, Nation not Sect, Race’

The most influential Iranian Sunni leader urged on focusing and highlighting “Iranian nationality and motherland not sect and religion” He also called on the officials to engage Sunnis on higher posts to increase the respect of Iran.


Why would Israel want a religious war over Al Aqsa Mosque?

Much of the media coverage of recent raids and protests by Israeli police and settlers at Al-Aqsa Mosque have focused on the “exclusive Muslim control” over the compound in Israeli-occupied Jerusalem, and Palestinian fears of the demand by Jewish settlers to “divide it”. Lost in the religious warfare narrative is the colonial impulse governing both […]