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Iran: Baloch Tribal Elder Passes away

Haji Omid Shahbakhsh, one of the prominent Baloch tribal elders in Iranian Balochistan passed away on Friday morning November 20, 2020 in Zahedan.

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Afghans recall days when Australians unleashed dogs, gunfire

Haji Abdul Baqi has one lasting memory of Australian forces in Afghanistan, the day they killed his two brothers, Saifullah and Bismillah, and two of his cousins, Mohammadullah and Juma Khan.

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Liberation of Al-Aqsa or Building a Mosque for Sunnis in Tehran?

How can Sunnis believe the [Iranian] authorities would liberate al-Quds while they are deprived of the right of a mosque in Tehran?


Islam to Appear Stronger in Europe

Recently, French President, Emmanuel Macron has strongly attacked Muslims considering them as separatists. He described Islam as a “religion that is in crisis all over the world”.