Some quotes from historical life of great Sunni personalities of Iran

Some quotes from historical life of great Sunni personalities of Iran
muftizadehThe sun of Islam rose up in island of Arab then in no time it spread out in different sides of Arab like Iraq, Syria, Persia and the Kurd tribes including other Arab tribes embraced the great religion of Islam. When the Islam religion emerged in seventh century A.D, the great Kurd tribes played an important role as they fought against crusaders under the dynamic leadership of Sultan Salaahuddin Ayyoubi. (God be pleased with him) Beside these sacrifices, the Kurd tribes gave birth to many Islamic scholars, Muhaddiseen and Muslim deeply thinker leaders. They were the men who preferred to write books, to solve the new issues in the light of Quran and Hadeeth and to serve the Muslim nation in every walk of life the way they needed.

If any historian wants to write their total great remember able activities so in fact, it needs many volumes book undoubtedly. Respected sheikh Abdul Karim has tried his level best to collect important events of famous personalities as he wrote a book {our scholars while severing Islamic knowledge}. But over here we just mention the very important features of those great Islamic scholars, great Islamic fighters and great Islamic writers who took birth in Iran.

Some of them are following:
1- Allama Muhammad son of Muhammad, known by Ibn e Atheer (Allah mercy on Him (.

2- Allama Ahmad son of Muhammad son of Ibrahim son of Ebn e Khalkan (may Allah mercy on them).

3- Allama Mujahed Ahmad Mufti Zadeh (may Allah mercy on him).

Beside of mentioned scholars, there are many others great Kurd scholars. Here God willing (insha Allah) we will describe some quotes from historical life of Allama Mujahed Ahmad Mufti zadeh (may Allah mercy on him) which is full of struggles, and it is very possible that many scholars can not overwhelm the huge work load what late Ahmad Mufti Zadeh had loaded, because he followed the great ideas of great personalities like Sultan Salahuddin Ayyoubi (Allah be pleased with him).

Biography of Allama Mufti zadeh (Allah mercy on him)
Respected late Allama Ahmad Mufti zadeh was born in (1352 H.Q) 1933 in great religious family in the famous and capital city of Kurdistan province “Sanandaj”; his total family was a religious family and his father, grandfather and uncles were great scholars.

Migration to “Sanandaj”
Actually, the grandfather of late Allama Ahmad Mufti Zadeh would live in “Dasha” village, the adjoining area of “Baweh” city. Then for the sake of preaching Islam and spreading Islamic knowledge he migrated to wards “Sanandaj” and decided to stay over there to lighten the society with divine laws.

Great father and uncles of Allamah Mufti zadeh 
The grandfather of Ahmad MuftiZadeh had six children, every one of them had distinctive features and each one of them was like ocean of knowledge and all of them served the Islam religion in different sides of world; their names are following:

1- Allama Muhammad Rasheedi; he was a great Islamic scholar, in Beirut, Lebanon. He passed away several years ago. (God be pleased with him).

2- Allama Khalid Mufti; he remained chief justice (Qadhi) of Kurdistan till the last day of his life. (God be pleased with him).

3- Allama Muhammad Mehri; he was titled by “Burhan ul Islam”. He was an expert teacher of “law and Arabic language” in Istanbul university. (God be pleased with him).

4- Dr. Muhammad Siddiq MuftiZadeh; he was a lecturer in Tehran university. (God be pleased with him).

5- Dr. Abdur Rahman MuftiZadeh. (God be pleased with him).

6- Allama Manhood Mufti (the father of Allama Ahmad MuftiZadeh); he was the eldest son of his father; he was experienced in most Islamic sciences particularly in fiqh, principles of fiqh and philosophy. He was selected in his early life as a Qazi (judge) of Kurdistan. He is still remembered as a great teacher of Shaf’ee school of thought in Teheran University. (God be pleased with him).

Allamah Mufti Zadeh in the Kurdistan atmosphere
At that time, the people of Kurdistan those were deprived of their legitimate rights preferred to join nationalist parties, like other Kurdish youth Sheikh Ahmad MuftiZadeh (late) also joined Democratic Party of Kurdistan as he was accused of joining that party, that’s why Iranian authorities kept him in prison. As he had seen a dream that changed his views in prison; he believed that the only way is iman. After released, respected late Allama MufiZadeh decided to serve the Muslim nation in the way of Almighty Allah and the holy prophet PBUH demanded Muslims, because this, the way which can lead us to wards jannah (paradise) and it can succeed us here and the hereafter. The only reason of being backward for Muslim ummah is not following divine laws. That is why he collected his all abilities and did his all efforts for the sake of preaching Islam religion. So the first stage where from he stood up his first step and placed first brick for his great mission was the masque of “Sanandaj” city which was named by “masjid of Sayyed Mustafa”. Respected Ahmad MuftiZadeh (late) used to say about his first step:
“After along period, in 1962 I understood the main purpose of my life that I have been sent over here just for linking the green and original line which was designed by holy prophet (P.B.U.H).”

The family of Allamah Mufti Zadeh 
Allama Ahmad Zadeh (late) married first time during his student life in Iraq with maternal cousin then because of some reasons this wife was divorced then he married with the daughter “Khadijah” of greater Islamic scholar of Kurdistan Haji AbdurRahman. After her death, he did not marry other one. His second wife Khadija was quite faithful and loyal; she never complained of anything rather she was quite patient and brave woman as she faced all the difficulties bravely. She passed away in 1350 (1971). After her death, respected Allamah Mufti Zadeh (late) kept serving the holy Quran and Hadeeth.

The jobs & hobbies of Allama Mufti Zadeh
He served as a teacher in religious school (Darul–Ihasan) in “Sanandaj” city. Besides joining an office in Tehran; because of his God gifted abilities, he taught also in Tehran University. Above all these things he remained serving in Tehran & Kurdistan radio stations. In spite of provided facilities, he lived a very simple life.

Religious activities of Allama Ahmad Mufti Zadeh 
The duration of his religious services is between 1963 till to 1977. First time he established an Islamic school in Mariwan city, then similarly another Islamic religious school was established by the great efforts of respected Allama Mufti Zadeh (late) in Sanandaj city. These institutions served the regional Muslim nation in a good way; which attracted the youngsters towards Islamic knowledge and get them closed with Quran & Hadeeth, in addition to it, the great Sheikh (late) along with his Sunni community expecting good changes took part in Iran revolution, but the success of Iran revolution went in the favor of Iranian state, and they did not take care of Sunni community demands; rather they kept them subdued and the required equality was not introduced. Therefore, the respected Mufti Zadeh (late) again struggled against going on injustice, thus he was arrested and placed in prison for five years then this duration was extended till to unknown time, no one was allowed to meet him. During this time he was punished different kinds of punishment; he was kept in dark full rooms even the raises of sun could not pass in there, Iranian authorities banned doctors to treat him. Sheikh was tortured very badly, even he could not move his hands easily here and there. He was jailed in toilet for four months! In order to compel him to give up his attempts for Iranian Sunnis’ legitimate rights.

Death of Allama Mufti Zade
When the Iranian authorities realized and believed that now Sheikh Mufti Zadeh is about to die, so he was released, then after few months suffering a lot of difficulties and diseases this shining sun of knowledge passed away in 1993. (May Allah place him in junnah.)


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