The Future of Sunnite Community of Iran

The Future of Sunnite Community of Iran
interviewAbstract of Molana Abdul Hamid’s Interview with Neday-e- Islam magazine:

N.I: What are the causes of post-presidential election crises?

M.A: Recently, it was felt that the presidential, parliamentary and local government elections had been deviated from their main functions. It happened when some armed forces and military officials had started to influence political scenario of the country. If our memory helps, it is exactly what which was strongly prohibited by Imam Khomeini. He disagreed with armed forces’ engagement in politics insisting that they should not step in political games. To be short, the factors such as those mentioned above, caused the election to deviate from its main objective. Furthermore, it was predicted that this phenomenon would result into dangerous consequences in the future. The post-election incidents proved this fact.
However, what should not have happened, happened. In order to get rid of present situation, the authorities are supposed to review some of their major policies. They should not forget that the victory of Islamic revolution was the result of uprising of different layers of society as well as their unity. Similarly, continuance and survival of Islamic revolution relies on unity and support of the people; therefore, using force is not the solution as I believe that no system in the world can survive by relying on its armed forces and the Islamic republic of Iran is no exception.
I have to remind that the Islamic government of Iran will not continue to exist by concentrating on a single wing be it conservative or reformist. By occurring a single incident we should not guard against any particular wing and say that “ Islam is in danger”; because this system never fall in danger easily.
If the reactions are based on rational strategies, the system will survive, otherwise, it will face with serious problems. None of us should be considered above the law and criticism. People have to be allowed to oppose our actions and we must be responsible for our misdeeds. Regular check and balance immunize the society from explosion.

N.I: Root-causes of the problems of Sunnite community regarding you?

M.A: The problems that the Sunnite community of Iran is suffering from, are the result of dangerous plans being chalked out behind the veil and some of authorities are supporting them in back doors. We believe those who are suggesting these plans, they neither have sympathy with Islamic revolution nor they love Iran. I think that the extraordinary dogmatism makes them to act in this way.

N.I: Could you tell us about the aims and results of  visiting to Tehran and meeting with high ranking political and religious authorities?

M.A: In those days, we were in critical condition and felt that our problems in the province were not solvable. Therefore, I along with a group of Sunnite Ulema visited Qom and met with Shiite religious figures. We also talked with a number of government officials such as the President, speaker of assembly as well as some other officials of high influence.
What we followed in this Journey was to make the authorities aware of the problems that the Sunnite community is facing. We are still awaiting for appropriate measures.

N.I: Tribal armament by RGI, Will it be a successful plan in Sistan & Baluchistan?

M.A: The people of this region due to their warrior background are always interested in arms. If they are offered to take up arms, they would agree willingly. But the question is that whether they are ready to fight against insecurity and sacrifice their lives for this cause. I am personally doubtful as I believe that only those people are ready for sacrificing themselves who would foresee a glorious future for their offspring. Sa’di (May God bless him) Says: “Only good-treated soldier will perform well in the battle field”

N.I: Concluding point?

M.A: Unfortunately, it has been observed for many times that some people as soon as they notice a dispute among politicians they immediately start to inappropriately compare them with Ali and Talha and Zubair (May God be pleased with them) referring to Jamal war among those exult persons. This is absolutely wrong. I warn them to change their pattern.


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