Baseless blames over Sunnis of Iran

Baseless blames over Sunnis of Iran
tohmatAt long last some activist & extremist stood up to propagate against Iranian Sunnis by relating some baseless, silly and nonsense articles with them; their main target is to make an effort to provoke Iranian Shiite against Iranian Sunnis and to calumniate Sunni community in Iran.

Such elements utilize for Sunni community the term of “Wahhabi” and claim, “they are fundamentalist and extremist, they want to spoil good condition of Iran government by increasing population to go out of the control as they call the people during their speeches to give birth for more and more children.”
The mentioned above elements must ask the related officials or Shiite scholars instead of unknown persons in order to get real information and exact statistics regarding the Sunnis.
With great repentance we would say that such elements are very narrow minded, always they make haste to spread out poisoned thoughts from different stages. These expressions from this particular group of Shiite clearly shown their real face and undoubtedly it points out their hidden enmity as they connect silly articles with unknown teacher of any college, thus they base it for blaming the Sunni community. Mostly they can not point out nominated one for such blames which means that they just assume it with out having any proof.
It is not the first time rather they repeat time again to calumniate and blame the Sunnis to declare them “Wahhabi” who struggle to make themselves the majority of Iran! These elements should know that giving more than two children and more wives is a tradition of some areas like Sistan & Balochistan province which is linked with the ancient Islamic cultural.
With great repentance it is said that such unjustified articles are being published with out having any strong references, it is true that these are only assumed, the publishers are responsible they can be asked that why such baseless blames are published? We do not know having trusted Islamic scholars from both sides Sunnis & Shiite how they trust on unknown persons and it is also just telling lie that Sunni Islamic scholar persuades the people to increase giving birth. Praising God; now a days Islamic scholars can not be calumniated and not be blamed baselessly particularly when President Ahmadi Nejad clearly motivated the masses to give birth for more and more children and he prescribed especial budget for the news born children of this year.
Certainly publishing of such provoking and calumniating materials against Sunni community it clearly points out that these elements are not sincere and honest with their country Iran; because not only Shiite community is the founder of Iran rather the Sunni community also sacrificed a lot for their dear country, nevertheless they are pushed backward and they are given nothing from equality, justice and brotherhood.
Almighty Allah says:  “وإن كان مكرهم لتزول منه
(Although their planning is so strong that it removes mountains)
It is true that the cruelty, injustice and enmity which are being practiced on Sunnis of Iran, its example can not be found all over the world and witnesses are quite obvious, as the biggest example are such baseless published articles.
Such activities never suit to them they should realize sincerity, honesty, brotherhood and love for dear country as well as for their prized religion Islam. In fact, this is the injunction of Quran and Sunnah. (May Allah guide us to the right way; ameen.)


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