Biography of Allama Abdul Aziz Sa’daati (Part II)

Biography of Allama Abdul Aziz Sa’daati (Part II)
sadaatiServices & Activities of Late Sheikh Abdul Aziz: The main target of his life was to serve the Islam religion as well as to present his all services to entire Muslim ummah. In the beginning he struggled a lot and very soon he became the resort of all especially of Islamic scholars, his complete daily routine was based on two main things: To be busy in the public work whole day, then at night just remember his Almighty Allah and ask him the progress of Muslim ummah.

Day and night he continued his services; once Allah subhanahoo wa taala gifted him with the inspiration of building up a religious school, but due to some problems he took consultation of senior Islamic scholars as well as at the same time a huge number of inhabitants of “Zangian” demanded him to take the charge of “Darululoom Zangian” where already two great scholars [late Maulana Dur Muhammad and late Maulana Mehr’ab] were running the administrative activities, more over it was also their responsibility to teach students.
In short the great Sheikh Abdul Aziz joined it and respectfully he drew the educational activities very well, as well as he brought up the students very nicely. Thus the result of his great efforts spread out among the students and they came to Darululoom Zangian from different sides of Iran. This good news spread among the new generation who is fond of Islamic education and they came to him from different parts of Iran in order to seek knowledge by his guidance.
By cooperating of some other expert teachers like Maulana Abdul Kareem Saeedi pour, Shaikh Abdul Rahman Mohebbi and Shaikh Raheem Bakhsh Baluchzahi, this famous school played an important role in reformation of the society and upgrading of youth in Islamic knowledge and culture. They were doing their admirable job by direction and consultation of late Sheikh Abdul Aziz Saada’ti, may Almighty Allah place him in paradise.

Doing Dawat & Tableegh (preaching Islam):

Respected Sheikh Sa’daati (late) was very active to preach Islam, though he was extremely busy to teach Islamic books in the religious school but he didn’t miss a single opportunity of preaching Islamic points, always worked hard to spread out the messages of Allah Almighty among the people. He traveled to both the areas far & near territories in the different preacher groups as many times he traveled to different preaching centers in Pakistan during his blessed journey he met with greater Islamic scholars and famous preachers, he had nice relationships with great Mufti Maulana Zain-ul-Aabideen the greater scholar as well as the famous preacher of Pakistan. (may Allah Almighty bless him and place him in Jannah)

Meetings to solve the public problems:

At that time a scholar having teaching and preaching activities rarely could be found to handle different social works but it was only the grace of Allah Almighty that he gifted Muslim ummah the great scholar Sheikh Sa’daati (late) that he was not just an Islamic teacher or a common preacher rather he was a good social worker also, there fore he used to spend most of his time to listen the public matters in order to solve their problems in the light of Islamic laws as well as he did such activities to remove their differences and endeavor to give back oppressed their rights.

Fighting against innovation in Islam:

Certainly it is the duty of Ulama-e-Haq (sincere and true Islamic scholars)  to transfer the real message of Islam as well as to spread out the actual Islamic instructions among the people and to remove all the innovations؛ in order to keep the Islam religion pure; on the contrary if such scholars do not do their duty so definitely the public would ask their questions from Ulama-e-Soo (the scholars which are not true) and it is clear that wrong answers would be given to them, at a result the right path would be missed. The same thing was happened in Balochistan province of Iran, many new things were created in Islam but at the same time Allah almighty blessed them and provided them sincere and true Islamic scholars who taught them the oneness of God and brought them up on the pure base of Islam, thus by the grace of almighty Allah the public became acknowledged by taking the accurate ideologies and removing all the innovations in religion certainly such scholars were the students of the institutions of great Islamic scholar Shah Waliyullah Dihlavi and Sheikh Mujddid Alf-e-Thani Ahmad Sirhindi (may Allah bless them and place them in his paradise ). Surely the mentioned institutions played an important role in the Indian territories as well as in the adjoining areas to spread out the real Islam among the people and to remove all the innovations in religion. It is the fact that respected Sheikh Sa’daati had also gotten education in such institutions and followed up their ideologies as well as their practical lives so finally he fought against the enemies of Islam. Certainly it was Sheikh Sa’daati who raised the flag of Islam in his society.

Struggling for the Unity of Muslim Ummah:

Certainly respected Sheikh Sa’daati (late) worked hard to spread out Islamic ideology and strictly called the Muslim ummah to come together on the point of oneness of God; and advised them that division in sects and different parts has destroyed very badly the Muslim nation. Surely the main goal of his active life was to gain this great target and to succeed in this honorable task.

Some Qualities of Sheikh Sa’daati (late):
Preaching Bravely & Gallantly:

A person who fears only Allah almighty he never fears of any creature; that’s why the believers are braver than others, similarly respected Sheikh Sa’daati (late) was quite brave scholar, when he preaches neither he worries from any government nor he becomes facile to say strait talk; because his aim was not to get the will of people rather always he wanted to gain the will of God, always he struggled to take back the oppressed rights from the cruel.

An Example of his Braveness:

Once a former administrator brought a mobile cinema to “Zangian” village, they asked the people to watch the movies over there, when Sheikh Sa’daati came to know about it, he prohibited the administrator first to run it, but unfortunately they didn’t take it seriously rather they continued running that cinema, finally this brave Islamic scholar along with some students went to this cinema and stopped them.
Once a governor asked the heads of tribes to help him for making idol and bust of king of Iran, but the fearless Sheikh Saada’ti stood up against him and directed him saying: “We are to break idols not to design it; because our religion Islam never allows such kind of activities.
Certainly it was his distinguished virtue to say the right talk to every one, weather that is a king of country or he is a common person.
Once he said to the head of a department: “If any thing of the system goes against to Qura’n and Hadeeth we will make it under our feet, though it is given by a king.”  

Good Behavior & Much Worshiping:

In fact the analogous of late Sheikh Sa’daati very rarely could be found in Iran history, as he was gifted a lot of distinguished qualities which were not found in other scholars; because Allah almighty is the one who blesses whom he wants and none can pressurize him to do some thing against his wish.
Certainly respected Sheikh Sa’daati had a deep and wide knowledge, he was quite patient and tolerant scholar, he had all the qualities what a nice personality should have, he was extremely hospitable and bold person and far away from arrogance, he never wasted his time, he didn’t give a single opportunity to laziness to come in the way of hard work, more over he was extremely courageous in his active life.
He was so respectable in his life that he didn’t expend his hands to any individual, although he had great influence among the people he didn’t ask any one to fulfill his need.
Most of his life, he kept worshiping God; as he regularly offered “Tahajjud prayer” (the mid night prayers) neither he missed it at home nor in journey, besides “Fardh” he added “Nafl” regularly.

Eagerness towards two holy cities (Haramain Sharifain):

Certainly respected Sheikh S’adaati (late) was very fond of these two holy cities Makkah & Madinah, his partners of this blessed journey say that surely there is no capacity in words to cover up his fondness and eagerness with Haramain Sharifain (two holy cities), which are the lands of divine revelation, more over a big part of Islamic history belongs to them.
He traveled many times over there. Whenever he goes there the spiritual atmosphere of those places would change him completely, he spent the whole time inside Haramain Sharifain and all the time worshiped God, recited the holy Qur’an and prayed to God etc.

Death of Sheikh S’adaati:

On 27th of Zulqada 1426 H.Q, on Sunday after offering prayer of Fajr the great Islamic scholar respected Sheikh S’adaati left the mortal life and passed away. Surely his death was not only the concern of his family rather it was the concern of entire Muslim ummah as they missed such a valuable Islamic scholar. After shrouding him a huge number of scholars as well as a lot of people participated in his funeral.
Shaikh-ul-Islam Mulana Abdul Hameed offered his funeral prayers in Sarawan, Baluchistn then he was buried at Darululoom Zangian. Sheikh Sa’daati aged 91 years. (May Allah bless him and place him in his paradise.)


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