Biography of Allama Abdul Aziz Sa’daati (Part I)

Biography of Allama Abdul Aziz Sa’daati (Part I)
sadaatiOn 19th of December 2005, the people of Baluchistan lost a person who was a lightning star and shining sun in the sky of knowledge, I mean the great personality, respected Sheikh Abdul Aziz Sa’daati (late). He left behind him extreme influence on Muslim ummah; because his life was full of good deeds and owning a great status in Iran as well as all over the region he had sound wishes for Muslim ummah.

The following article is a short look round the life of this great scholar who practiced on his knowledge, who spent a simple life, who never considered these mortal ranks and posts to be important, more over he was far away from popularity.

His Birth & Family:

He was born in 1917 in “Korgeen” village, the adjoining area of “Sarbaz” a famous city of Balochistan province of Iran. Where he had brought, that was really the house of knowledge and an excellent and abstinent place as well. Since his childhood he was fed faith & knowledge, naturally he was gifted the knowledge of God, having it all he kept building it up to be an expert Muslim jurist and the resort of Islamic scholars.
His father Sheikh Mohammad Sadiq was a distinguished Islamic scholar and the resort of all especially of Islamic scholars. He belongs to “Sadat family” (the holy prophet’s descents through His daughter Sayyeda Fatima (may Allah be pleased with her).
Shaikh’s father left “Dezak” village of Sarawan city to Sarbaz, where he guided the public very well. When his father Sheikh Qazi Mullah Syed Ghulam Mohammad passed away in “Sarawan”, Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq returned to Sarawan with his family including Sheikh Abdul Aziz (late) to hold up responsibility of justice as well as to keep continued other religious activities which were being driven by his great father in “Dezak”.
It is worthy to say that the mentioned “Dezak” town had remained for a long time the capital of governments in Balochistan, it was a village by name rather it had a wide territory as for the sake of religious institutions, great educational academies were introduced over there; consequently thus it became resort of all. There is a historical mosque which named “the mosque of jumah”; this is a very old mosque, almost 850 years ago it was built. And it was the Sadaat family who drew all the responsibilities of this great ancient mosque, to lead five time prayers including Jumah prayer, to manage administrative activities of this mosque and to support it financially etc. Beside these great services, the same S’adaat family who did many other duties as well; such as reformation activities in the society, solving the public problems and removing their differences as a Qazi (judge).

Traveling for Gaining Education:

Since his child hood the cleverness could be seen in the face of this great man, in the early age of his life he went to Sheikh Sayed Shir Mohammad, Imam (congregator) and Khatib of a great Jum’ah mosque. Thus he got initial education in the school of the mentioned mosque which was the only institution at that time in Balochistan.
Then for seeking Arabic grammar “Sarf” and “Nahw” (syntax) as well as “Fiqh”; he went to “Darululoom Zangian” where great Islamic scholars used to teach over there such subjects, after getting basic Islamic education he traveled to sub-continent of India. When he reached to Sindh and got admission in the religious school of “Darul Foyooz Al-Hashemia” after staying here for six months, Crossing “Ajmair” he traveled to “Saharan poor” (India), here the great Islamic school “Mazaherululoom Saharan poor” was his main targeted place; because many great personalities were teaching over there, some of them are as following:
Respected Maulana Sheikh-ul-Hadees Zakariyya Kandehlavi and Mufti Saeed Ahmad (may Allah bless them and place them in his Jannah).
Therefore very soon he got admission over there. At that time it was the famous institution in all India and still it is resort of the lovers of knowledge.
In 1940 he went to Darululoom Deoband, the most famous Islamic university over the world, in order to get further education from greatest and senior scholars of that time. Some of them are as following:
Sheikh-ul-Islam Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani (the former chairman of Jamiat-e-Ulama Hind), Maulana Izaz Ali, who was expert in Fiqh as well as in Arabic grammar and literature, Hakeem-ul-Islam Qari Mohammad Tayyib (the former principal of “Darululoom Deoband”, Maulana Ibrahim Bilyavi, who was expert in “Mantiq” (logic) and Maulana Akhtar Hussain (may Allah bless them and place them in his Firdaws paradise).
While seeking knowledge over there he met other spiritual & intellectual personalities and learnt many meaningful lessons from them, like:
Maulana Mohammad Ilyass (the most famous preacher), Hakeem-ul-Ummat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (may Allah bless them).
Almost for ten years he kept traveling in order to seek more and more knowledge, during this time neither he came back to his country nor he read any coming letter from his friends or relatives; because such things almost decrease the love of getting knowledge and it leaves some negative influences on a person, rather he collected all the letters in one box, after completion his studies when he opened it once he thanked Almighty Allah and second he said اناللہ وانا الیہ راجعون!

Returning to the Country:

In fact it is the nature of students when the determined course gets closed to complete they become pleased and delighted; because their targets are achieved and the blessed turban is kept on their heads which is the sign of a lot of respects, the great teacher, immense endeavourer and pious Islamic scholar Sheikh-ul-Islam Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani (late) guided them that how they should serve people in their practical lives, but at the same time this younger student (I mean respected Sheikh Abdul Aziz) came to his teacher with full grief and sadness could be looked in his face, tears were falling from his eyes, his teacher realized these all things and advised him that this time is not for weeping rather you out to be happy on such pleasure occasions, go and celebrate this happy event and enjoy it along with your friends. This younger student replied him:    
“No doubt it is a very delightful occasion but I am sure that separation between me and my teacher has become much closed; if I had not the grief of my mother’s death I would never leave you and this Jamia.”
Thus the young boy who had not before ten years such a big treasure of knowledge, now along with light full knowledge, wide experiences and other great benefits he returns to his home.
Here in Iran people heard about his coming back so they started waiting longingly, as soon as they got information that he is on his way, a huge number of relatives and friends went to “Panjgour” (a city located in Baluchistan, Pakistan) in order to receive him with a great zeal.

To be continued…


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