Report: Shaikh A.Hameed in Khash & Sarawan (part I)

Report: Shaikh A.Hameed in Khash & Sarawan (part I)
molanaShaikh Abdul Hameed, the head of Darululoom Zahedan University and the chairman of the Union of Islamic Schools of Sunnis in Sistan & Baluchistan (may God protect him) traveled at 9th of Rajab, 21st June on Monday to “Khash” and “Saravan” districts and suburbs (in Balochistan) in a short trip of three days.

The purpose of this trip was to join the annual ceremonies which are conducted mostly once in a year in order to honor to those students who become new scholars in some schools located in the south east areas of Iran (Khash and Sarawan).
The detail of journey is as follows: First Shaikh reached at 21st June on Monday evening to “Miftaah-ul-Uloom” the religious school in the village of Kahnuk, sub area of Khash city and attended the gathering of people who came here to participate in such blessed ceremonies in which the prizes were distributed among the Huffadh of the Holy Qur’an.
A group of regional scholars: such as Sheikh-ul-Hadeeth Maulana Hussein Poor, Maulana Mohammed Gul and Maulana Osman Qalndarzahi attended this blessed ceremony.
Initially Shaikh A.Hameed pointed towards a song made in praise of him at this meeting saying, “According to one debt service, not a prestigious virtue of him or a reason to brag, but this is a divine blessing and God special attention to wards a person that doing any service is made quite easy for him. As some one throws a stone at trees to break down fruits, it is clear that stones are not praised but the person who threw stones is praised. So all praises are to Allah, no one can bless on others. If any one of us does or issues pursuant to his service, God was mentioned by one of us, this is the whole of the benefaction of God and generosity as we had beautiful name on the tongue and the Almighty for this service and business.
Virtue and excellence to those who help us to perform two rak’ats of prayer, we are incapable to thank for this gift. If Almighty God accepts us to be His slaves and accepts our sacrifices and money in His way so that is a blessing of Allah.
None is perfect except Allah almighty; I am not an illustration of this anasheed sang here.”
Turning to the explanation of the virtues of the Holy Qur’an Grand Shaikh said, “As rain hit the earth it causes of fresh earth and vegetation, as well as the spiritual rain of the Holy Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his instructions if it ejaculates on any land, it will bring out good things and blessings to her residents, salutes the dead hearts, guides misguided people, and wake up the hearts which ignored it. Quran is the moral and the spiritual rain which was revealed directly from the divine throne, unlike the virtual rain.
If any nation adhered to the Holy Quran and Sunnah, and recites the verses of this great book and kept it in the hearts of their children, if they are false, they guide them to God and become the owners of glory and civilization; if they are in ignorance Allah enriches them; if they were in need before, and they become educated if they were ignorant before that; and uplifts them if they are in God’s humiliation.
These are all what was promised by God for the owners of the Holy Quran.
Oh dears! The word of God is beautiful, if that mountain “Taftan” and the surrounding mountains replaced gold they can not be equal to the great blessing of the Qur’an. The world needs this for a great treasure, and Muslims already have this treasure but they do not know the value of that.”
The head of the largest Sunni University in Iran went on expressing his points about the status of the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions (R.A) and said, “The main target of the companions was to survive people from the torment of hell. Their struggle was not for gaining power, expansion in the country, collecting booty and money, captivity, and slaves. Even they did jihad in order to save the world from the torment of hell, and to guide people to the right (haqq).
There is no doubt that those who got guidance and accepted Islam as the companions did so all the praises and endeavors go to companions may Allah be pleased with them.”
Maulana Abdul Hameed told to audience, “O brothers! This religion needs support both physically and spiritually, if you support this religion with your wealth and yourselves and make Satan and desires behind God raises your prestige in the world.
The developments we are witnessing in our own day are the fruits of the Holy Qur’an, and these councils that you have convened, but know that you are still at the beginning of the road, and you should move further forward, we need to move more into Islam, so we get to the point heard Quran recitation of every house. Girls and boys must learn the Qur’an.”
At the end of his speech, Eminence Shaikh addressed the audience, “We must remind our transgressions, weeping regret it because we have a journey which goes through the cemetery, a long and dreary, we should be ready for this travel.
I think we have forgotten the grave, and I fear that plagued us in the grave, no one is there to protect us, no way to escape but obeying and flee to God.
To follow the divine law and the retreat from the sins and repent of them to God, do not miss the texts, May God mercy on us.”

Sheikh Abdul Hameed in a public gathering “IsmaeelAbad”

The companions were real believers and they accepted Islam perfectly
Shaikh Abdul Hameed joined a public ceremony on Monday evening after Maghrib prayer it was conducted in the honor of newly becoming scholars of a Sunni school “Darulhuda IsmaeelAbad”. He expressed in this blessed ceremony the status of companions of the last Messenger of Allah saying: “The companions were honest believers. They accepted Islam with deep sincerity, without slightest suspicion of hypocrisy in their hearts.
They were pious and faithful Muslims; who spent their night’s supplicants bowing before Allah until dawn. Almighty Allah and His messenger (PBUH) announced their satisfaction with them.
For that if we want to ensure satisfaction and success in this world and hereafter we have to follow their careers and move copying their footsteps.
If we work on Islamic teachings and the great instructions of the Holy Qur’an as the companions did certainly we would be successful in this world as well as hereafter; Allah will send His mercy upon us like rain as he sent his mercy on Sahaba (may God be pleased with them).”
The respected Sunni leader more said, “When we compare the life of the Holy prophet (PBUH) and Salaf with our lives regretfully we do not act according to their careers and their way. Still we have not made Qur’an the center of our lives, it is clear that a huge difference between our lives and our ancestor’s lives is obvious.
Unfortunately nowadays Muslims use alcohol, even the adultery cases became common in Muslim countries, People easily shed the blood of their Muslim brothers rather the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says against this mean action: “Who ever takes arms against a Muslim is not Muslim.”
People allege that they love God despite they eat usury, which was declared war against Allah. Each state promotes with Riba it will be submitted to corruption and destruction. I do not believe that any thing if goes in the interest of government it would be allowed in Shariah also that. My fatwa is that Riba never ever be allowed because of any advantage of any country, the heads of the Islamic countries should understand this fact.”
The great Sunni leader while delivering sermon indicated towards “Reforming Sunni Madrases act”, a decision from the Iranian state to take Sunni religious schools under government’s rule and urged, “We do not want to lose the independence of religious schools at all. May be after accepting this act we get some facilities and material benefits, but I think we would have to ask for our rights and benefits to Almighty God, we do not want to lose the independence of religious schools, and God willing we never accept such resolutions.”
Maulana Abdul Hameed further said, “We are not enemies of the state, we are advocates of unity and anti-sectarian, even we do what we can to support and protect the Shiite citizens, at the same time we partake and demand our legal rights from the state and administrators. We believe that there must not be any type of discrimination in the country.”
At the end of his sermon Shaikh addressed people saying, “Do try to preserve the rights of your relatives, whoever observes the rights of his relatives in this world, God blesses him good livelihood and long age. Do not forget that this world is a test place.”
Shaikh explained the importance of education and the complete religion Islam and urged,
“If Baluch people turned their attention to education and Islam certainly God will raise their status not only in this world rather they will be respectable hereafter as well.”
Shaikh also addressed to youth saying, “My advice to you is to advert towards the directions of scholars, obey your parents and offer the five time prayers and clung tightly to Islam and considerate to knowledge and education.”



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