Great interpreter of Holy Qur’an Allama Tawhidi

Great interpreter of Holy Qur’an Allama Tawhidi

Conflict between the truth and falsehood is an inseparable part of the history. Although falsehood is surely bound to vanish. The truth (Haq) has become quite clear for the mankind thanks to the sinister efforts of the falsehood (Batil) to challenge the truth.


The great Islamic scholar and interpreter of Holy Qur’an in Iran, late Allama Ne’matullah Tawhidi, was one of the truthful devotees of Islam. He dedicated his entire life to uproot the superstitions, innovations and false beliefs which had been spread inside the society. He had decided to devote his days and nights to serve Holy Qur’an, preach correct Islamic beliefs and defend the beloved Companions of Holy Prophet, peace & blessing be upon him.

Shaikh Tawhidi had an excellent personality; we can not cover his comprehensive characters in this brief article. However, by the help of Allah Almighty, we will try to highlight some parts of his biography for the respectable visitors of SunniOnline.

Name & native place:
His name is “Ne’matullah Mir-Baloch”, widely known as “Mawlana Tawhidi” inside the country. His father named him “Ne’matullah” and he became a real blessing of Allah Almighty for His servants. Shaikh Tawhidi was born in a religious and decent family in 1373 hijri,1954. He belonged to “Gohar-Kooh” area of Khash city, a central and important district of the Iranian Baluchistan. He was born in “Eid-Muhammad” village of Gohar-Kooh.

Allama Tawhidi lost his mother when he was only 5 year old. When his reverent mother was about to pass away, she called all of her children. She prayed to Allah for her great son, Ne’matullah, saying: “May Allah make you an ‘Alim, scholar,”. The Exalted God accepted her Du’a and made Shaikh Tawhidi a subtle Mofasser, interpreter, of Holy Qur’an who animated Islamic zeal of Muslims in Zahedan and other regions. Arrays of students used to gather in Darululoom Zahedan in Sha’bans and Ramadans to get benefits from the peerless scholar.

Trips for education:
He studied six classes in a government school in his native place. The provincial capital of Sistan-Baluchistan, Zahedan, was his first station to seek Islamic knowledge. He got initial education from late Shaikh Abdul-Aziz Mollazadeh and Mawlana Yar-Muhammad Rakhshani in Zahedan, southeast Iran.

In 1971  , Allama Tawhidi traveled to Pakistan for higher Islamic education. He studied in Jamia Usmania in Rahimyarkhan city for three years where he learned lots of books from the prominent scholar, Mawlana Muhammad Yousuf Rahimyarkhani. Then he joined Jamia Farooqia in Karachi for one year studying some important Islamic books at Shaikh Salimullah Khan, may Allah protect him. Finally, he returned to Punjab’s city, Rahimyarkhan, where he got admission in “Badr-ul-Uloom Hammadiya”, founded by the eminent scholar, Mawlana Abdul-Ghani Jajrawi. Shaikh Tawhidi got his graduation from the same seminary and benefited very much from Shaikh of the Qur’an & Hadith, the mentor of thousands inside and outside of Pakistan, Allama Abdul-Ghani Jajrawi, may Allah have mercy on him.

His career life:
After a long journey for getting education, Late Allama Tawhidi returned his country in 1399 Hijri, 1979 . He taught for a year in a village near Zahedan. Continuing his career, Shaikh Tawhidi joined “Qasem-ul-Uloom Jamejam” seminary in Zahedan. After a year, the rector of the largest Sunni seminary of Iran, Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hameed invited him to teach in Darululoom Zahedan. Late Allama Tawhidi had spent his days and nights teaching and mentoring students of Darululoom until he departed this mortal world.

Some features of Allama Tawhidi:

1. Strong belief and mighty faith:
The most dominant character of Allama which has been highlighted by his students and contemporaries is strong faith and belief. He had a mighty trust on Allah’s promises and admirable belief on Allah. The former teacher of Tafseer in Darululoom Zahedan used to recite this great verse of Holy Qur’an: “قُل لن يُصيبنا الا ما کتب الله لنا هو مولنا و علی الله فليَتوکل المومنون”, (Say, Nothing can ever reach us except what Allah has destined for us. He is our Master. And in Allah alone the believers must place their trust.)

On the path of Allah, he never gave up any thing to make any one happy. Allama Tawhidi was threatened many times by radical elements; he had considered prison a new place for preaching the everlasting message of Holy Qur’an and reforming prisoners. He was proud to be killed in the way of Tawhid. He used to say humbly: “Do I deserve martyrdom on the path of serving Islam?”

He never compromised with superstitions and falsehood. All the time, he defended the truth and real beliefs refusing wrong traditions and views.

2. Extra enthusiasm for seeking knowledge:
Mawlana Ne’matullah was a real knowledge-seeker. He used to strive to get more and more knowledge. When his seminary was demolished in a flood in Pakistan, he cried and started making Du’a to Allah to rebuild their seminary. He said: “We prayed a lot, we were worried. We asked Allah to not return us toward home before getting enough knowledge in Pakistan.”

It is narrated from his teachers that “Ne’matullah” was the last student to go bed at nights and the first one to wake up in dawns.

3. Simplicity in life:
The eminent interpreter of Holy Qur’an, Shaikh Ne’matullah, was famous for his artless life. He was so away of self-dramatization and made-up formality. Allama Tawhidi time and again said, ‘Why you are gathering much wealth? Will you be living for ever in this world? Do not waste your time in collecting money; instead of that, do something for the immortal life.’

His life was an obvious example of the glory life of the best predecessors, Salaf as-Salih.

4. Strong stance against innovations and superstitions:
Allama Tawhidi was sure that Shirk, associating any thing with Allah, is the biggest sin, and innovations lead to obliquity. Thus, he was very hard in this field rebuffing all of the innovations in religious practices. He was very soft with his students and colleagues; but hard with sins and superstitions.

Allama Tawhidi focused in his sermons on defending the true beliefs of Ahl-us-Sunnah, Tawhid, Sahaba, Jihad and Mujahideen.

He warned Muslims over conspiracies and nefarious plans of the US-led powers in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries.

The last trip of life:
Allama Ne’matullah Tawhidi, along with some other Islamic scholars, was on the way to ‘Jaask’ city of south Iran; their car was crashed into a bus. All four passengers of the car lost their lives on the spot on Monday, April 2006. The last trip of Shaikh became his journey to the Hereafter.
More than one hundred thousands followers participated in the funeral prayers of Zahedan’s scholars in the Grand Mosalla, Eidgah, of Sunnis of Zahedan on Tuesday, April 2006. Shaikh-ul-Hadith Muhammad Yousuf Hussein-pour led their funeral prayers. His body was buried to rest in the ‘Bahesht-e-Muhammad’ graveyard of Zahedan next to the grave of late Mufti Khoda-Nadhar. May Allah place them in the Paradise with Shuhadaa, Saliheen and Siddiqin, amen.


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