A Glance at History of “Islamic West” & Realm of Islamic Civilization in the Maghreb

A Glance at History of “Islamic West” & Realm of Islamic Civilization in the Maghreb

The Islamic west (also called the Arab Maghreb) is a very important strategic area and territory, but it is a less-known civilization realm for us. Knowing about its history, culture, civilization, scientific and intellectual heritage as well as its human, material and spiritual resources will let us to recognize a different and attractive world in the western part of the Muslim world.
The Islamic west is called to a vast region in the north and western north of Africa which begins from the west of Egypt and extends to the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. During the Islamic rule, it was divided into three territories of the Near West, Middle West and Far West. Countries like Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania come in this territory. The Andalusia Spanish was an important part of this area until Muslims lost their dominance over there.
By conquest of the Islamic west, new gates were opened before the people of this territory as well as the Muslim world. Converting of the Berbers to Islam, establishment of states like the Idrisid, Almaravid, Almohad and Marinid dynasties which became the reason of scientific and cultural florescence and great scholars and personalities came to existence in this region are a part of the fruits of the Muslim conquerors and Mujahideen’s efforts.
A glance at the history of the Islamic Maghreb tells us that we need to study and research more to know this part of the Muslim world more and better; because it was one of the important focal points of human and Islamic culture and civilization. After the downfall of the Andalusia, the Islamic Maghreb became the heir of the culture and civilization of that region and it did not allow that great civilization heritage to vanish completely. In fact, due to its geo-political situation and cultural intellectual past, this region can play a key role in the issues of the Muslim world and human society today, too.


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