• Jama’at-e-Tabligh Movement; a Study by Two Western Scholars

    Published on : 01 09 2012

    Jama’at-e-Tabligh is a global movement for propagation of Islam. This group has devoted itself to bring the alienated Muslims back to the bosom of Islam. At the same time the purpose of the Tablighi activists is to strengthen their own faith too. This movement has claimed that it is a non-political movement. 


  • Biography of Abdul-Rahman bin A’wf

    Published on : 09 05 2012

    Every companion of the holy Prophet Muhammad, peace & blessings be upon him, has been a shining star for those looking for right direction, in a way that by following any of them one could achieve eternal success.


  • Prayers; the weapon of the faithful, a way to happiness

    Published on : 19 04 2012

    Islam encourages for establishing a spiritual and blessing connection between God and man. In this regard, it puts various ways before the man to build and consolidate this spiritual relationship, so that to reach to Allah Almighty, and enjoy His blessing. No doubt, Prayer is one of the valuable ways to establish such a connection. […]


  • A Study on Jama’at-e-Tabligh Movement

    Published on : 07 04 2012

    In the third decade of 14th century (Hijra), third decade of 20th century, the Tabligh Movement was initiated by Maulana Muhammad Ilyas son of Maulana Muhammad Isma’eel Kandehlavi. Allah Almighty guided him in a way that he became successful to engage many people in remembering Allah and preventing many others from conducting evil things, thus […]


  • Wall Street Movement and the Concentration of Wealth

    Published on : 21 03 2012

    Wall Street Movement is a protesting movement against the existing economic condition of the US. It has been struggling against the concentration of wealth in the capitalist system. Concentrated power is a phenomenon that causes injustice; no matter it is political or economic, as both create social resentment.


  • Father in the Eyes of Son

    Published on : 21 01 2012

    A glance to the Life of Mullah Abdullah Ahmadyan, his Relics, Thoughts and Literary Works.


  • Social & Commercial Entrepreneurship in the Context of Islamic Values

    Published on : 30 12 2011

    In the beautiful palace of creation, the real and unique entrepreneur is Allah almighty who created the world with a beautiful and maverick creativity, and rewarded the man as super creature with knowledge, spirituality, talent and creativity, so that he could revolutionize the nature with his creative mentality.


  • The Quintessence of Freedom and Pluralism in ِDevine Literature

    Published on : 30 11 2011

    The observation of Islam to the life and cosmos is based on two fundamental realities:1-The God’s oneness2- Diversity of creation


  • Sanctity of the Man & the Prohibition of Killing

    Published on : 27 11 2011

    No doubt that human being is the masterpiece of the unparallel skill of the God almighty. He has created all creatures to be in service of the man and different universal phenomenons were made in his favor which shows his importance.


  • Salah; the Source of Blessing and Compassion

    Published on : 23 04 2011

    Salah (prayers) is a unique relationship between the bondman and his creator, or the Almighty Allah and the weak individual. Anyone who keeps on performing Salah, s/he would soon realize the value and importance of this unique relationship which can be established through Salah. If we see the characteristics of the human, and beside them […]