• An Interview with Dr. Muhammad Ahamd Ghazi [Part I]

    Published on : 03 02 2011

    Note: Dr. Mahmoud Ahamed Ghazi was one of the great scholars and thinkers of the Islamic world from Pakistan. He was the Judge of the Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan. From his previous positions and responsibilities can be mentioned: Federal Minister for Religious Affairs of Pakistan for three years; founding member of International Islamic University […]


  • A Research on Division of Ijtihad

    Published on : 14 01 2011

    Looking at the situation of present era in those issues due to their variety and vastness are very complex, vast information and fundamental research are needed for commenting on any chapter, and it is not possible to address all of them with the method of conventional Ijtihad; that is why Islamic scholars have proposed various […]


  • Role of Family in the Child Upbringing [Part II]

    Published on : 08 01 2011

    The effect of family environment and parent’s behavior on the child’s intellectual growth: Intelligence and intellectual capability is the result of interaction and integration between heredity and environment. Orderly environment and motivating of mind with love and encouragement of parents without paying any attention to socio-economic condition and family status can predict the primary intellectual […]


  • Abdullah bin Zubair; the Flagman of Justice

    Published on : 29 09 2010

    Abdullah son of Zubair son of Khalid was one of glorious companions of the holy Prophet (PBUH). Being a famous horse-rider the history has recorded his name for his sacrifices, righteousness, bravery and faith. His father was one of those who were blessed by God under the tree( Ten – blessed ). His mother Asma- […]



    Published on : 19 07 2010

    The God almighty has created the world in the most beautiful shape. Tendency to beautification has been gifted to the human being as part of his nature.



    Published on : 30 06 2010

    Islam is the last and selected religion that the Almighty has chosen for guidance of human being. It is an order consisting of laws on different dimensions of life. There is a large collection about religious beliefs, moral values, social related affairs, civil and judicial rules and regulations in the holy Qur’an and the sayings […]


  • The Future of Sunnite Community of Iran

    Published on : 15 06 2010

    Abstract of Molana Abdul Hamid’s Interview with Neday-e- Islam magazine:


  • Muslims in China

    Published on : 10 06 2010

    The ancient country of China which has been the centre of the world’s oldest civilization, its cultural history goes back to thousands of years, is house to a significant number of Muslims in a way that at present the Muslim population of this country is counted as the third largest religious minority of China. They […]


  • Role of Family in Children’s Socialization (Part I)

    Published on : 09 06 2010

    Every individual is influenced by his physical structure, living environment, and system of belief, cultural norms and customs. In today’s complicated world government policies and effectives social programs are also affecting different aspects of his life and the socialization process.


  • PROPHETS: Pioneers of Guidance, Leaders of Humanity (Part II)

    Published on : 08 06 2010

    The holy Quran calls for obeying the prophets and adopting their way of living; and encourages for assimilating to them: “Indeed for you, for one who would hope ]reward of[ the God and the day of resurrection and recall the God abundantly, there is a good example in the holy Prophet” (Surrah Ahzab: 21)