• PROPHETS: Pioneers of Guidance, Leaders of Humanity (Part II)

    Published on : 08 06 2010

    The holy Quran calls for obeying the prophets and adopting their way of living; and encourages for assimilating to them: “Indeed for you, for one who would hope ]reward of[ the God and the day of resurrection and recall the God abundantly, there is a good example in the holy Prophet” (Surrah Ahzab: 21)


  • Principle of Preaching in the Era of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

    Published on : 05 06 2010

    Summoning men unto God that the holy Prophet (PBUH) was its founder under the instruction of the Almighty comprised all principles of the religion in a very sample and comprehensive way. So, the term Islamic Dawah (Islamic Summoning) was used for Islam referring to it in a comprehensive form.


  • Theism

    Published on : 01 06 2010

    Theism and piety are irrefutable facts that have shadowed on every aspects of life. Contrary to the predictions made by think-tanks of enlightenment era and the philosophers of modernization great religions neither have died nor will die, thus would remain the inherent part of human life.


  • Livelihood in View of Quran and Sunnah

    Published on : 31 05 2010

    Since creation of mankind, livelihood and basic needs have been the most important obsession of the man. There are many people who are committing crimes or engaged in wrong and non-Islamic activities to meet their basic needs. This article examines factors that play role in earning livelihood either quantitatively or qualitatively.


  • Review of Religions (Part III)

    Published on : 29 05 2010

    Judaism is one of the popular but expired religions. Based on monotheism it came into existence 14 centuries before Christ with the Prophet hood of Moses (PBUH).



    Published on : 28 05 2010

    In the first part of this article, it was mentioned that the coup staged by General Davoud Khan pushed the monarchy in Afghanistan to and easy end, and brought about the experience of republic system for the first time in the country.


  • The Quintessence of Freedom and Pluralism in ِDevine Literature

    Published on : 27 04 2010

    The observation of Islam to the life and cosmos is based on two fundamental realities:


  • Biography of Late Karimbardi Akhond Ahmadi

    Published on : 05 04 2010

    Late Karimbardi Akhond Ahmadi was one of the great and influential scholars of Sunnites in Turkeman Sahara region. He was born in a respected religious family in 1924 AD.


  • Qadianism

    Published on :

    The founder of Qadianism is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who was born in 1830 A.D in Punjab state of India. He did his primary education within his family and read some books on syntax, logic and traditional medicine under supervision of some local people. Then, he worked at the governor-house of Sialkot city for four years. […]


  • Prophets versus Reformists and Pioneers of Social Change: A Comparative Study (Part I)

    Published on :

    Revelation is the most distinguishing characteristic of prophets by which they have been honored. It is the source of their faith; knowledge and preaching that separate them from other groups. That is why they cannot be compared with other personalities such as political leaders, reformists, philosophers and ideologues who have played role in different periods […]