Iran’s Grand Sunni Mufti Slams Blasphemy to Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Iran’s Grand Sunni Mufti Slams Blasphemy to Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Blasphemy to Prophet Muhammad PBUH, an insult to humanity.
In a reaction to the act of blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad PBUH in France, Mufti Mohammad Qasem Qasemi, the most influential Iranian Sunni Mufti, considered this action as an offense against humanity.

Talking to “SunniOnline” exclusively, the chairman of Darul-Ifta of Darululoom Zahedan said: “The publication of blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Muhammad by France worried the free, humanitarian, and justice-seeking people of the world and hurt everyone’s feelings”.

The senior teacher of Jurisprudence and Hadith of Darululoom Zahedan believed that blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad was an insult to all prophets and divine books, including the Torah, the Bible, and the Qur’an.

Mufti Qasemi continued: “The Messenger of Allah was a mercy to the entire world. The wise people know what a great gift the Prophet Muhammad has introduced to humanity. What the condition of the world was like, before coming of the Holy Prophet”.

“Do the blasphemers want to test the faith of Muslims by insulting the Prophet Muhammad? Do they want to see the reaction of Muslims? Do not they know that Muhammad is the prophet of billions of people?” he questioned.

“To deal with this issue, the serious measures must be taken by the French, otherwise the French, especially the policymakers, will be blamed by Muslims around the world”, the Iranian prominent Sunni Mufti addressed the French leaders and intellectuals.

Responsibility of Muslim leaders
Explaining the responsibility of the leaders of Muslim countries over the issue, Mufti Qasemi said: “If the leaders of the Islamic countries have been incapable in implementation of the Islamic laws, now they should be stronger in defending the values of Islam than ever before. They must defend the position of the Holy Prophet PBUH with firm conviction as Sultan Salah Uddin Ayyubi did.”

Duty of Muslims
While condemning such insults, Mufti Muhammad Qasem urged on Islamic renaissance and advised different classes of Muslim communities to follow the instructions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

“The Sunnah of the beloved messenger of Allah must be followed, studied, revived, and promoted by the young generation. Non-Muslims should learn Islam through our deeds and actions,” said the eminent Baloch Sunni scholar of Iran.

At the end of his talk, the Grand Sunni Mufti of Iran argued that blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad, the last messenger of Allah, will awaken Muslims, and consequently, it will help understand and spread the message of Islam across the globe.


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