Mawlana Abdol-Ghani Badri:

Western Extremists Fear Spread of Islam in Europe

Western Extremists Fear Spread of Islam in Europe

Shaikh Abdol-Ghani Badri, a prominent Sunni scholar in Iran described French president’s anti Islam remarks as a “medieval ideas”. He believed that the reason behind such insults was fear of western extremists of spreading Islam in Europe.

Talking to “SunniOnline” exclusively, the senior teacher of Hadith and jurisprudence in Darululoom Zahedan alluded to the shameful act of Charlie Hebdo magazine against the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and said: “French President’s support for Charlie Hebdo magazine was a provocative action”.

“Macron is really an unbalanced person and knows nothing about politics”, he urged.

“Unfortunately, in this modern age, people like Macron have such medieval thoughts offending the sanctities of nearly two billion people”, Shaikh Badri expressed his concerns.

He continued: “Alas for a nation that has elected such an unbalanced person whose immoral behavior is to contrary to a usual normal president”, said the Iranian eminent Baloch Sunni expert.

Shaikh Badri believed that the tendency of Christians towards Islam and towards the teachings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH pushed western extremists to launch anti-Islam propagandas. They insult the prophet who called the people of the world towards unity, as in the verse 64 of Surah Al-Imran, the Prophet invites the People of the Book to seek common grounds”.

The eminent Baloch leader said: “The Prophet Muhammad PBUH carried the message of unity and mercy, as in his first mission in Medina; he created harmony among different tribes. The Prophet PBUH made a covenant with the Jews and the polytheists and adhered to the covenant until they violated it”.

The Iranian prominent Sunni scholar further said: “Some European narrow-minded leaders want to make people pessimistic about Islam and to create tension between Muslims and Europeans by publishing blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH”.

Shaikh Badri believed that such insults have dangerous consequences and said: “Insulting the Prophet creates conflict, hostility and tension. Europeans must stop such insults and force the French president and other blasphemers to apologize to Muslims and to the Muslim community.”

Duty of Islamic organizations and leaders of Muslim countries
The vice-president of Darululoom Zahedan in educational affairs urged on Muslim organizations and leaders saying: “As Muslims, we have a big responsibility especially the duty of the leaders of the Muslim countries is bigger than others. Some leaders of Muslim countries responded well, may God reward them.”

“The leaders of Islamic countries should take one stand over the issue and defend the Prophet Muhammad PBUH strongly. The leaders of the Islamic countries should boycott Macron and his cabinet members, and cut diplomatic ties with France so that no one dares again to offend the sanctities of Muslims,” he pointed out.

Mawlana Badri said: “Islamic institutions and organizations have also a responsibility. They must fulfill their duty in this regard. I was very sorry that some organizations condemned the beheading of a French teacher, but remained silent about the French president’s insulting remarks against Islam and Muslims and they did not condemn him”.

“Islamic institutions and organizations must take a clear deployment over the issue and force the leaders of Muslim states to react and take serious measures,” the Iranian Sunni scholar added.

Duty of Muslims
He concluded his points by saying: “Unfortunately, our young generation has no enough information about some artists. They follow some artists who are far away from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Such insults should bring us closer to the Prophet of Mercy.”

“Muslims should strengthen their relationship with the Holy Prophet PBUH and follow his teachings, study and practice the Seerah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH”, Shaikh Abdol-Ghani said.


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