• Relations during Peace

    Published on : 24 01 2010

    Q: Respected scholars, as-salamu `alaykum.As you probably know, the issue of body screening of Muslim passengers in the US and some European countries has raised great disgust and denunciation throughout the Muslim circles. It has been abhorrently categorized as a kind of racism against Muslims, even under the alleged chase of terrorists. How do you […]


  • Hijaab: definition and conditions

    Published on : 22 01 2010

    Hijaab is an Arabic word that describes the Muslim woman’s entire dress code, which includes a veil and whatever else is needed to cover everything except the face and hands. It is adopted at puberty – an age when, according to Islam, people become accountable for their actions.


  • Fatwas and Politics

    Published on : 19 01 2010

    In Al-Jazeera’s weekly program Shari’ah and Life, broadcasted on Sunday January 10th. 2010, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi answered a number of important questions on the relationship between the juristic rulings (fatwas ) of Muslim scholars and politics. What triggered this debate was the recent fatwa issued by Sheikh Al-Qaradawi, President of the Islamic Union of Muslim […]