• How should people fast whose day is very long and the sun never sets for them?

    Published on : 22 07 2011

    What should those people do whose day is twenty-one hours long? Should they work out the time to fast? Similarly, what should those whose day is very short do? And those whose day lasts for six months and their night lasts for six months? How should they pray, and how should they fast?.


  • Satan refused to bow to Adam – because Satan loved Allah?!

    Published on : 16 06 2011

    Question: I would like to ask about something that I recently heard. Someone explained that Satan refused to bow down to Adam because, although it meant disobedience to God, such was his love for God that he refused to bow before anyone other than God. This sounds like a really strange interpretation to me, so […]


  • Meaning of the lack in reason and religious commitment in women

    Published on : 13 05 2011

    We always hear the hadeeth, “Women are lacking in reason and religious commitment” and some men quote it in order to annoy women. We hope that you can explain the meaning of the hadeeth.


  • How I should Invite my Family towards Islam?

    Published on : 14 04 2011

    Question: My name is Devisha. I am a doctor and I have accepted Islam. There are certain things I want to ask.1)     First, if I change my name from Devisha (meaning like goddess) to Divisha (meaning divine wish of time) is it O.K in Islam? I come from a Hindu Bhramin family.2)     Also, is it […]


  • Entering into a partnership with a person who deals with bribes and riba

    Published on : 31 01 2011

    There is a businessman who was offered money by a man in order to do business for him, but the one who offered this money deals with bribes and riba. Is there any sin on this businessman?.


  • Using Haram Car

    Published on : 29 07 2010

    Question: 11 years ago ,we bought a car with Haraam money – intentionally! We used the car, for work ,for shopping ,for the usual day-to-day living since then, My question is, Is my life Haraam, I mean, is the money I earn ,the food I consume, the efforts I make all for waste and Haraam […]


  • A Question About Hij’ab

    Published on : 27 06 2010

    Question: I have read that the hij’ab we use should extend to cover our bosom. If we are wearing salwar which has a long piece of extra cloth which perfectly covers the bosom, should we still wear the head scarf in a way that covers the bosom. Wouldn’t the long piece of clothe draped over […]


  • How to Handle Children’s Desires

    Published on : 13 06 2010

    Question: I know that if one has sexual desires one should either get married or fast. What does the Quran and Sunnah teach us about this. Is there such a term as “ISTIMNAAR”? How do I handle this topic with them?


  • What does Islam say about Music and Singing?

    Published on : 24 05 2010

    Q: What does Islam say about Music and Singing?A:  In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,


  • Kissing Qura’n is allowed?

    Published on : 08 05 2010

    Question: Is it correct to kiss Quran before starting reading Quran or completion of reciting Quran?