• More than 290,000 killed in Syria war, monitor says

    Published on : 09 08 2016

    Syria’s brutal conflict has now claimed the lives of more than 290,000 people, a monitoring group said on Monday, giving its latest death toll for the devastating five-year war.


  • Arrogant Powers Wanted to Embroil Turkey as Egypt

    Published on : 20 07 2016

    SunniOnline: An attempt for military coup in Turkey in the late hours of Friday 15th July and the disgraceful defeat of the coup plotter carried out different reactions in the world, especially among the Muslim societies. Most of the Muslim leaders, political parties, scientific and cultural circles and public figures condemned the failed coup. They […]


  • Focusing on Minorities’ Rights, Best Policy

    Published on : 08 07 2016

    Shaikh Abdol-Hamid alluded to the challenges of the Muslim world in his speech of Eid al-Fitr in Zahedan city of Iran on July 6, 2016 and called ‘focusing on the rights of minorities’ the best policy.


  • Rached Ghannouchi Q&A: Thoughts on democratic Islam

    Published on : 13 06 2016

    Ennahda has just taken a historic decision to separate itself from the mosque and to define itself purely as a political project. How do you define what you have done? Is it separation or specialisation ?


  • Zahedan Welcomed Thousands of Iranian Sunnis

    Published on : 09 05 2016

    On Thursday 5th May, 2016, the city of Huffadh (Zahedan) was the host of tens of thousands Sunni citizens from different corners of Iran and even outside of the country. They endured the stress of the trips of hundreds and thousands of miles just to show their respect for knowledge and Ulama.


  • Nearly 5,700 Buildings in Iraq’s Ramadi Damaged, U.N. Report

    Published on : 16 02 2016

    Since mid-2014, around 5,700 constructions in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi and its outskirts have suffered some level of damage, and almost 2,000 buildings have turned to ruins, the United Nations reported on Monday, citing satellite images.


  • Tehran’s Shias Defend us

    Published on : 14 01 2016

    A prominent Sunni scholar in Tehran talks to ‘SunniOnline’:


  • ‘We must Proceed beyond the Conferences’

    Published on : 07 01 2016

    Note: Mawlana Habiburrahman Motahhari is a familiar figure for people in Khorasan and even for neighbor provinces and regions of Iran.


  • Fourth Seerah Conference Held in Zahedan

    Published on : 20 12 2015

    The Association of Seerah held its fourth conference in the Grand Othmani Masjid of Zahedan, southeastern Iran, on Wednesday evening, Dec. 16, 2015 discussing the training aspects of the prophetic life.


  • Introduction Ceremony of Students in Zahedan

    Published on : 26 11 2015

    The introduction ceremony of the new Sunni students in the Zahedan universities was held by the office of students’ affairs in Darululoom Zahedan on Thursday evening, 12-19 November, 2015.