Iran’s Sunni leader:

Country’s Problems, Rooted in Politics

Country’s Problems, Rooted in Politics

The most influential Iranian Sunni leader considered the root of all problems and crises in the country in political issues. He believed: “It is the best way to solve these problems through political means.”
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid was talking to the people of Zahedan before the Friday prayers on July 21, 2023.

Hijab, economy, brain drain etc. are related to political issues
“Most events of the country are tied to political matters. If the country’s economy is sick, it is a political issue. Economic issues are related to political issues. Country’s problems will not solve as long as there is political problem in the system. I do not say that other issues are not involved in country’s problems, but the main root of economic and other problems is related to politics,” said the Iranian top Sunni cleric.
He continued: “In my opinion, until the country’s political issues are not resolved, economists of the world will not be able to solve the country’s economic problems. All over the world, inefficient and incorrect policies affect the economy.”
“The escape of brains, elites and skilled workers is another problem in the country. The brain drain issue is a political issue. Elites are the biggest assets of a society. It is harmful for the state if our elites, thinkers, and masterminds leave the country”, the Friday prayer leader of Sunnis in Zahedan expressed his opinions.

Women who do not wear scarf want to show civil disobedience
“If we examine the hijab issue fairly and impartially, we will find that most women who do not wear a scarf want to show their civil disobedience. This is a kind of civil and political disobedience. If women were not angry, they would take care of hijab,” the president of Darululoom Zahedan stated.
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid went on to address the officials by saying: “The issue of hijab has become a political issue in the country. You cannot solve the problems through punishment, repression and detention, rather adopting these means will increase the problems. Pensioners, teachers, workers and other political strata and classes have been protesting due to economic problems.”

44 years’ old policies need changes
During his Friday sermons, the eminent Iranian Sunni scholar noted: “All problems of the country has rooted in political issues. Political problems should be solved through political means and by negotiation and bringing fundamental changes. If we solve political issues, the problems will reduce. We have to make political changes. The old policies of 44 years that have not been fruitful must be changed and modified.”
“Domestic policies are more important than foreign policies, because they are related directly to the nation, and people want a change in domestic policies. It is the best policy and solution to the country’s problems,” Mawlana Abdol-Hamid continued.

The implementation of justice was the most important goal of all prophets
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid stated: “The implementation of justice was the most important goal of all prophets, peace and blessings of Allah be upon them. Justice and fairness are precious before Almighty Allah”.
“As Muslims, we have a duty to correct our performance, belief, ethics etc. we must follow the path of the prophets and adhere to justice and fairness. The holy Prophet, peace be upon him, had a simple life. Those who came to the holy prophet PBUH and saw him among his companions could not recognize that who was the prophet. The holy prophet used to sit with the weak people and to sympathize with them,” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid urged on imitating the holy prophet, peace be upon him, in all arenas.
The Friday Khateeb of Zahedan, capital city of Iranian Balochistan, said: “The holy Prophet listened to everyone and carried out all things with consultation. There was no obstacle between the holy Prophet and the people, and everyone raised his\her voice in the presence of the holy prophet at any time, even during Friday sermons. The Islamic state is good when it is popular, and implements justice. The holy Prophet, peace be upon him, used to care of the treasury. After the holy Prophet PBUH, the Rashidin Caliphs used to live simply like other people. Once the Caliph Omar, may Allah be pleased with him, sat on the pulpit to address the Friday sermons; someone found that the clothes of the Caliph were patched with the leather from 13 places. They avoided to use from the treasury, and did not allow their close relatives to misuse the treasury.”
He further said: “They implemented justice and solved people’s problems. The Islamic government is good when it implements justice and meets the demands of the people. It does not matter to rule in the name of democracy or in the name of Islam, but it is important to implement justice.”

Imam Hussein stood up to implement justice and fairness
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid continued his Friday speech of Zahedan by saying: “After the period of the caliphate, the way of governance changed; the Muslim rulers in Iraq and Shaam influenced by Iranian and Romans governance. During the rule of Yazid, there were great changes in the way of governance. Many of the Abbasid and Umayyad rulers seized the treasury. Judges could not implement justice between the plaintiff and the ruler.”
“When Imam Hussein saw that the Muslim world was in danger, he stood up against the tyrannical government. All Muslims believe that Imam Hussein’s uprising was for the implementation of justice and fairness, and he was right in his position. It is important to follow the way of Imam Hussain, and all households of the holy prophet, peace be upon him,” he added.

It is important to follow the way of Sayyidana Hussein and Ahl al-Bayt
The president of Darululoom Zahedan referred to the Karbala event and said: “The Karbala incident was a bitter and unfortunate event. Some incompetent people who proclaimed to be Muslims caused the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, may Allah be pleased with him, for the sake of material interests; they wanted to get the pleasure of the ruler. A great injustice was done to Hussain, may God be pleased with him.”
“We believe that we should be patient in the face of bad events and when we lose our loved ones. The holy Qur’an and the Sunnah have given us the same advice. We should follow Ahlul-bayt in piety,” he added more.
Mawlana Abdol-Hamid stressed the need to maintain the security of the religious ceremonies of the Shia community and said: “Our Shia brothers have religious ceremonies these days. We wish their ceremonies will be held peacefully.”

Blaspheming the holy Qur’an is an obvious violation of human rights
We strongly condemn blaspheming all divine books
Referring to the blasphemous acts against the Holy Qur’an in Sweden for the second time, the most influential Iranian Sunni leader said: “Unfortunately, a very sinister and ugly act has taken place recently. We do not know what Allah Almighty wills with the people of the earth, but whenever a calamity is about to reveal, some insult the scared. The ominous phenomenon of Qur’an burning, which has been repeated for the second time in Sweden, is very painful. Such people have violated human rights. There is no higher right than respecting the sanctities. When the sanctity of people is insulted, what else remains for them?”
“Sweden was a good country in the past and there has been freedom in Sweden. Issuing permission to burn the holy Qur’an shows the stupidity of Sweden’s leaders. Burning divine books, including the Torah, the Bible, and the Qur’an, is a heinous act. We strongly condemn the insult to the Quran, and all divine books, and the insult to the sanctity of all religions,” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid noted.
He urged: “We ask the rulers of Sweden to reconsider their behavior. This is not the defense of freedom, but the burning of freedom. When you permit burning of the divine books, you actually disturb the comfort and security of the world. This action is condemned and failed.”
The Friday prayer leader of Sunnis in Zahedan concluded his speech by saying: “We ask the heads of Islamic countries not to be indifferent in this regard. The leaders of the Islamic countries should deal with this issue carefully. Insulting the Qur’an, the prophet and all sacred things should be prohibited.”


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