Iran's Sunni leader:

We Believe in Dialogue not Conflict and Violence

We Believe in Dialogue not Conflict and Violence

The most influential Iranian Sunni leader insisted on choosing peaceful ways to achieve civil rights. In the way of struggling for freedom, he opposed any kind of violence and murder.
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid announced the negotiations, talks and constructive criticism his way to get civil rights.
He was talking to tens of thousands of people in Zahedan’s biggest Friday gathering on July 14, 2023.

Negotiations will respond soon
Referring to the incident of the armed attack on a police station in Zahedan last week, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid called the incident bitter and said: “The incident concerned all of us. Violence has not responded to achieve the civil rights and legal demands. Murder and violence cause losses.”
“Those who live with us know well that our people are not consistent to kill anyone in the way of struggling for their rights. We oppose such actions. We believe in talks and debate, and peaceful ways. Developed nations resolve their problems through dialogue, negotiations and constructive criticism. For this reason, in the bloody Friday incident, we tried to prevent more bloodshed and advised our people to maintain security,” said the Iranian top Sunni leader.
He continued: “From the very first moments, while the voice of shooting was heard, I advised people in an interview to keep calm. This method was praised. I hope Almighty Allah has been satisfied too. We said we follow the case of the Bloody Friday incident through legal ways.”
“As the Bloody Friday incident was shocking for us, the attack on a police base was also shocking. Which wisdom is behind such actions? Who make such acts at the place of worship? Such efforts are against the rationale and logic. All officials know our way and this slander doesn’t match with our path,” Shaikh Abdol-Hamid urged.
He continued: “Of course, we are not responsible for all people; many do not accept our opinion and say that you have not got any result during this period of talks. We can’t impose our opinion on someone, but we believe that negotiation is the best way, and it is in the interest of everyone. I believe that this theory answers one day, and that day is near to see the fruitfulness of peaceful method.”

We think only about Islam and the rights of all human beings
“We think of Islam [not any particular sect] and the rights of all human beings. Some friends were upset in the system when we criticized. I believe that a bitter drug should be used when you need treatment. I criticize as a compassionate, not as an enemy. In the past, I spoke more about the discrimination and problems of Sunnis, but now I talk about national issues and national interests. National interests belong to everyone”, said the prominent Iranian Sunni scholar.
Imam of the Grand Makki Mosque further emphasized on moderation and observing national interests, and said: “Our path is moderation. We oppose extremism, and believe that the way of the holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and the way of the Companions was moderation. We think about the principles of Islam and humanity. The rights of all human beings should be observed equally. We pray for all human beings. Many times, we said that there is no difference of Shiite and Sunni, and Muslim and non-Muslim. For us, humanity matters. We want legal and international legitimate freedoms.”
The Friday prayer leader of Sunnis in Zahedan said: “We are not satisfied with sin. Most of the freedoms in the world are legitimate, and freedom of expression and thought should be ensured. We talk about these freedoms and defend the law.”

The solution to the country’s problems is to entrust any work to related experts
The most influential Iranian Sunni leader insisted on a big change in the country, saying: “Problems are solved when the authorities bring changes. I believe that the problems will not be resolved, as long as everyone does not work in his own field. There are separate units for each subject in the world. Politicians should work in political arenas, and the military figures should serve in military field. They should not interfere in political affairs.”
Shaikh Abdol-Hamid emphasized: “Entrust the responsibilities based on the capabilities, not based on the religious matters. Piety is good with compassion, merit and capability, but work conscience is more important. Those who do not even accept you, but have any ability, you should give them chances to serve.”
“The clerics should be engaged in teaching and fatwa. They should not interfere in any issue that is not related to them. A medical science manager should be engaged in his own field. These are the ways to get rid of the country’s problems,” the Friday prayer leader of Sunnis in Zahedan believed.
“We have to cross the problems. To solve these problems, we must sit with people and pay attention to their legal demands. Solve people’s problems through dialogue and debate,” he added more.

What is said against Darululoom Zahedan is ‘slander’
During his Friday sermons of Zahedan, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid said: “Moderation was the way of Mawlana Abdol-Aziz, the founder of Darululoom Zahedan. Shaikh Abdol-Aziz was one of the privileged figures of the Islamic world. He was a wise and thoughtful personality. We have been saying that Darululoom Zahedan is not just a seminary for the Sunni community, but an Islamic center for all Muslims and for all human beings. In this seminary, we encountered any kind of extremism. We advise our students not to interfere in political issues, but they must only be engaged in their lessons and education. Our graduates in different countries, including Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Russia and other areas have not created problems for anyone; they have not accompanied extremists.”
“The people of Zahedan, including Sistani, Baluch, Birjandi, and other people from different backgrounds live together. We believe that the security of the country should be maintained. The door of dialogue and constructive criticism should not be closed. We are not against anyone, but always think of everyone,” said the Iranian top Sunni leader.

The security of the religious ceremonies of Shiites should be ensured
Pointing to the upcoming month of Muharram, Shaikh Abdol-Hamid emphasized the need to maintain the security of the Shiite brothers to hold their religious ceremonies freely and peacefully in all countries.
He urged: “All religions, sects and thoughts must enjoy the same freedom.”
He concluded his points: “Our dear Shiites should be in complete security wherever they want to hold religious ceremonies. I recommend that the security of the Shiite mourners should be ensured so that they can hold their ceremonies freely with a comfortable mind and a sense of security.”


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