Senior Language Teacher of Darululoom Zahedan Passes away

Senior Language Teacher of Darululoom Zahedan Passes away

Mr. Hashem Afzali, a Baloch veteran Urdu and English language teacher of Darululoom Zahedan passed away after a sudden minor illness in Zahedan’s Nabi Akram hospital on Sunday midnight, January 15, 2023. He suffered from internal bleeding due to sliding on the way of mosque.
Mr. Afzali got his higher education from Pakistan, Hyderabad\Sindh where he gained his Bachelor’s degree in English language. He received his master’s degree in Persian language and literature in 1970. To acquire Islamic science, he spent some years in Pakistan\Sindh at Darululoom Tandu Allah Yar.
Afzali was retired from Medical Sciences University of Zahedan, Iran. He served as English language teacher before that.
Mr. Afzali was editor of the “Neday Islam magazine” in English sector, and English and Urdu language teacher at Darululoom Zahedan.
The late served his community with love, enthusiasm, and passion. He was a committed personality who showed his sincerity and honesty to his students and colleagues. He was so humble before the task.
Mufti Muhammad Qasem Qasemi, the senior teacher of jurisprudence and Hadith at Darululoom Zahedan led Mr. Afzali’s funeral prayer in the Grand Makki Mosque of Zahedan in the presence of thousands of people, including students and teachers.
After his funeral ceremony held in Zahedan, Mr. Afzali’s body was shifted to Suran\eastern of Iranian Balochistan, where he was born.
May Allah grant him peace and paradise.


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