125 injured when al-Sadr supporters, security forces clash in Iraq

125 injured when al-Sadr supporters, security forces clash in Iraq

At least 125 people were injured on Saturday in sporadic clashes between supporters of prominent Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr and Iraqi security forces, the country’s Health Ministry confirmed.
The ministry said in a statement that 100 protesters were injured in clashes with security forces during a demonstration and sit-in inside parliament after breaking through Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone. It added that 25 soldiers were also injured during the clashes.
The statement said all necessary health measures have been taken to treat the injured, and other healthcare services are being provided.
In its morning statement, the ministry said 60 people had been injured, but later that was raised to 125.
Due to political differences, a new Iraqi government has not been formed since early parliamentary elections were held last October.
On July 25, the Coordination Framework alliance chose Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudan, 52, as a candidate to head the next government, to help end the over eight-month crisis.
Stances on al-Sudani’s candidacy were divided between supporters and opponents, as the protest movement and the Shiite Sadrist movement demanded the nomination of a figure without any history with the government.


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