Israeli warplanes bomb two sites in Gaza

Israeli warplanes bomb two sites in Gaza

Israeli warplanes struck two sites belonging to Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza at dawn Thursday.
Israeli fighter jets bombed a site in the central Gaza Strip and another one in southern Gaza City.
The Health Ministry in Gaza has not reported any casualties.
However, material damage was caused to a number of residential buildings.
The Israeli army claimed it carried out a pair of air raids in Gaza after midnight on Thursday in response to rocket fire and anti-aircraft missiles launched from the besieged Strip.
The army further claimed its Iron Dome missile system mistook gunshots for a salvo of rockets.
For the second time this week, the Israeli army target Palestinian sites in the Gaza Strip.
The new tension was the first in nearly six months, ending one of the longest periods of quiet on the Gaza border in years.
Commenting on the Israeli attacks, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem said, “The Zionist bombing of some empty sites is a failed attempt to prevent our Palestinian people from defending Jerusalem.”
The Palestinian Information Center


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