Head of the Sunni parliamentary fraction:

Sunnis Forgotten in President Raisi’s Administration

Sunnis Forgotten in President Raisi’s Administration

Criticizing the President Ra’isi’s administration for failing to meet the demands and expectations of Sunnis and ethnic minorities in Iran, the head of the Sunni parliamentary fraction expressed his concerns over such treatments.

According to SunniOnline, quoting the the ICANA news agency, Jalal Mahmoodzadeh noted: “Mr. President! Today, our people are judging your promises. You promised to form an inclusive and a most popular government and to bring national unity but you did not use political wings in your cabinet. You formed the most limited cabinet in the history of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Speaking in the open session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran, member of the Sunni parliamentary fraction addressed the president Raisi: “You have completely forgotten the Kurds and the Sunni Community. In key positions, you did not use ethnic and religious minorities and removed Sunni managers in the ministries; such behaviors have caused a great concern among the [Sunni] elites and clerics of the country.”

He went on to say: “Unfortunately, the government has imposed such restrictions on the appointment of high-ranking positions that millions of Kurds, Sunnis and women cannot share in the country’s administrative jobs.”

He asked: “Why the educated Kurdish and Baluch citizens are busy in illegal transactions such as selling of fuel?”

Mahmoodzadeh noted: “Our people live in difficult conditions and are not satisfied with the officials. What pains and problems should I talk about?”

He pointed to the severe economic inflation, closure of factories and workshops, poverty and unemployment, the transaction and sale of fuel, the asylum of people to countries, and so on.

“Why and how long will our educated Baloch young sell and trade fuel? Why are Kurdish and Baloch people killed and injured across borders every day?” he further questioned.

Jalal Mahmoodzadeh said in his last points: “Dear Mr. Raisi! I remind you of what you have promised the Sunni Community of Iran after you took the presidency oath.”


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