Iranian MP reacts to Saravan’s border shooting incident

Iranian MP reacts to Saravan’s border shooting incident

In a response to the shooting incident at Iran-Pakistan border in Sistan-Baluchistan/Saravan, Dr. Jalil Rahimi, a member of the National Security & Foreign Policy Commission and Sunni Bloc of the parliament issued a statement emphasizing on proper examination of all aspects of the case. He urged on supporting the oppressed people of Sistan-Baluchistan.

He said in a part of his statement: “The recent tragic incident in Saravan, which resulted in the deaths and injuries of a number of fuel traders at the border of Saravan (Sistan-Baluchistan), hurt the hearts of every committed and compassionate Iranian”.

Dr. Rahimi continued: “These incidents show that the authorities should treat the people of the borders well and preserve their dignity”.

He added: “Iran’s border residents are in a dire economic situation; some take benefits of these borders while the border residents are deprived of all the benefits of the border”.

The member of the National Security Commission in the Majlis said: “Officials should refrain from violent behavior against the people, because violence leads to humiliation and humiliation causes people to hate the government and officials”.

“Listen to the scholars and trustees who have been conveying the message of the poor and deprived people to the authorities for years”, he said addressing the authorities.
‘Listen to the deprived people and address their demands,’ the elected representative of Torbat-e-Jam, Taibad and Bakharz urged.

In another part of his statement, while defending the people of Sistan-Baluchistan, he said: “The issue of the recent incident of Saravan should be examined carefully and the homeless people of that region should be supported. The right solution should be provided so that such incidents will not happen in the future again”.

He added: “Continuing such violence by the authorities will have the same response by the people and will make the region more insecure and more challenging”.
‘Nowadays people are nervous enough’, he urged.

He added: “The people’s representatives in the parliament and the committed and compassionate scholars can give a solution to the authorities. They can give the solutions that improve economic and political conditions; this is the way to the durable security in Iran, not to ignore the demands of the people and attribute them to outsiders.”

“I hope that God will enable us to understand the realities of the society and will give us the power to address the problems of the people and the country and to establish peace and security in Iran”, Dr. Rahimi said.

He said that the case would be pursued by all available legal means and channels.


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