A Fire in Iranian Baluchistan Left Dozens Homeless

A Fire in Iranian Baluchistan Left Dozens Homeless

A fire destroyed at least 30 slum houses in Chabahar’s Jangalok on Thursday, May 7, 2020.
Rahmdel Bamari, deputy provincial governor and special governor of Chabahar, told IRNA: “In the last week, there have been three fires in Chabahar that have caused heavy financial losses to the people.”

“Unfortunately, the fire broke out in three places,” he said.

At the Beach Food Complex, boats’ fuel was kept at Jangalok where poor people’s houses were made of wood. The fire has destroyed their all assets and slum houses. Some officials claim that current of electricity can be the reason of erupting fire.

The head of the Chabahar Red Crescent Society announced: “At least 30 houses were burnt down and fortunately the fire did not cause any casualties.”

“30 families were given emergency tents and were given necessary items”, he said.

Residents of Jangalok have told journalists that officials do not allow them to build proper houses while different state-run offices and bureaus have occupied lands built offices.

Chabahar is the coastal city of Iranian Baluchistan where a great number of simple workers and poor families live in slum areas. They belong to Baloch community.


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