Importance of Faith and Prayer

Importance of Faith and Prayer

All blessings whether they are visible or invisible for us, belong to Allah Almighty as Allah has mentioned in the holy Qur’an: {و ما بکم من نعمة فمن الله}.
And if we want to count those blessings, we can’t count them. Allah has said in the holy Qur’an: {وإن تعدوا نعمة الله لا تحصوها}
(And if you want to count blessings of Allah, you can’t number them).
All blessings of Allah are important and valuable but one of these blessings is more important than others. It is true believing and an accepted faith. Unfortunately, most of the people do not accept to believe in Allah as He wants.
Allah the almighty describes a scene in the Hereafter where there is a conversation between disbelievers and guilty Muslims; the disbelievers say to the sinful Muslims: you would say to us in the world that you are on the right path, why are you here in the hell like us?
On that time, Allah will say to guilty Muslims you can go out of the hell because you believed in Allah, and He will say to disbelievers you stay here in the hell forever. On that time people will know how important the faith is.
After faith, the second important thing is prayer; Allah has described the prayers to faith in the Qur’an and said:
{{و ما کان الله لیضیع إیمانکم
The exegetes say: in this verse, faith/ایمان means the prayers.
Allah wants to show us how important the prayer is. So he said (إیمانکم) instead of (صلاتکم).
The beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW) said in a Hadith: Difference between a Muslim and a Kafir (non-Muslim) is in the prayers. If our prayers are good, our other things will be good, too.
Sayyidana Omar (may Allah be pleased with him) said: ‘For me, your most important thing to do is prayer. Whoever offers prayers on time and in a good way, he will do other things in a good manner too. But whoever wastes prayers, he will waste other things more’.
So we should make our faith stronger and try to do our prayers on time and in a good way in order to have a good life in the both worlds.

Bilal Jamalzehi
Student of Darululoom Zahedan, Iran


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