Sh. Abdol-Hamid in the meeting of administrative council of Sistan & Balochistan:

Ulama Stood up Against Extremist Groups

Ulama Stood up Against Extremist Groups

Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdol-Hamid alluded to the strategic location of Sistan & Balochistan province and role of Ulama against fanatic groups in the meeting of administrative council of Sistan & Balochistan on Thursday 28th Feb. 2019.
He said: “We have neighbors with some internal security problems and there are countries in the Middle East with differences; some countries tried to destabilize peace in Iran via our province. But due to vigilance of people and Shia and Sunni scholars and officials they have been failed. Ulama stood up against fanatic and Takfiri groups.”
“Everyone, including officials and common masses, want peace in the country. Insecurity damages all and no one supports insecurity. Unfortunately some elements who do not occupy any post, create expenses and losses for the country with their words giving evidence to the enemies. So all should strive to enhance unity and peace,” Khateeb of Sunni in Zahedan underlined.
He criticized the negative role of some official departments and bureaus in Sistan & Balochistan who make people angry and unsatisfied by destroying their homes, farms and gardens or shops.
“Such acts have no benefits for the country and system, but make people angry. Some may adopt illegal jobs or even join anti-regime groups after enduring losses.”
Maulana Abdol-Hamid once again called on balancing between Shia and Sunni communities in different officials and bureaus in employments. He said that it was the best way to maintain peace and unity in this province.
It is notable that the governor of Sistan & Balochistan, the head of office of the Supreme Leader and some other national officials were present in the meeting held in Zahedan.


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