SunniOnline Members Summoned to Court

SunniOnline Members Summoned to Court

Zahedan – SunniOnline: a local court in Zahedan summoned four members of SunniOnline, the official website of the Sunni community in Iran on the allegation of “roorback”.
According to a report published by “SunniOnline”, the Public and Revolutionary Court of Zahedan has clarified in its subpoenas that the summoned persons should present in the court within five days after receiving the papers.
On 21st Jan. the summoned members of the website presented in the court, but they were said to present one by one in the next week.
Few months ago, the intelligence bureau of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (Ettelaat-e Sepah) of Zahedan summoned and interrogated these four members of SunniOnline. The intelligence officers showed their anger over posting a report about banning Eid al-Adha prayers in some Sunni prayer-houses in Tehran calling it an example of “roorback”.
SunniOnline is an independent non-state-run website with a modern approach. Its office is at Darululoom Zahedan, the biggest Islamic seminary of the Sunni community in Iran. Currently, SunniOnline works in five languages and it is one of the oldest and most authentic media sources of the community in Iran.


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