Entrance Exam of Universities

Entrance Exam of Universities

The entrance exam is the most important exam in Iranian universities. It’s held in every year. The participants of the entrance exam are increasing so much that about one million students, this year took part in the exam. However, just less than ten thousand students can be accepted in their favorite universities and in their favorite fields. It is the hardest test for students, too.
If a student wants to pass the entrance exam successfully, he has to try very hard and study over several months. The entrance exam makes clear the future of students.
Some other countries like China, Southern Korea and Turkey hold entrance exams for students, too. At the same time, some countries like the US and European countries don’t hold entrance exams for students. They just receive new students with diploma certificates.
Students must pass this exam if they want to get higher degrees. On the other hand, managing the competitive examination/Concours is not possible except by making a good plan, consultation with succeeded students, making Du’a and being hopeful.
By following these recommendations we will be accepted in the best universities.


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