Insecurity in Sistan-Baluchistan; fears, hopes

Insecurity in Sistan-Baluchistan; fears, hopes

After a wave of suspicious incidents took place in some cities of the Iranian Baluchistan, once again the acute and bitter memories of past insecurity anxieties roam around minds.
In the recent terror events, a bomb exploded in Chabahar city, leaving three men killed, two police personnel lost their lives in a shooting incident in Sarbaz district of the province. While four citizens got injuries in a blind shooting incident on participants of religious procession in Zahedan. In the same city, a Sunni scholar and imam of a local mosque was brutally shot dead by a couple disguised them selves as passengers. Before it, some local news agencies reported voice of a massive explosion was heard in Saravan city of Baluchistan but no casualties were reported.

The rush of instability reached to the provincial capital, Zahedan, in the early days of Nov. 2012.  Some analysts see the execution of three suspected members and supporters of outlawed Jundullah organization in the current series of security measures which have claimed lives of at least five citizens across the south eastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan. The members of the militant outfit were hanged soon after Chabahar blast in the Zahedan central jail.

The concerned departments including social and religious have no choice but to take the matter seriously. Sistan-Baluchistan is a multi-cultural region with a ruling minority. Besides, it shares border with Pakistan and Afghanistan. All of it, made the province fiercely vulnerable.

Previously, when the security officials failed to control a restive crowd that insulted and attacked delegation of Sunni elders in Zahedan in 2009, the city went to a battle zone for some hours; the violent protest ended when Shaikh Abdol-Hameed, the outstanding Sunni leader asked the citizens to control their feelings. Dozens of people were the victims of the commotion; many of them lost their lives as some others were wounded.

Since that, the pertinent authorities got an idea to do their best in order to provide protection to all impartially; they have been trying to maintain peace and stability by utilizing some useful instruments. They worked in some cases well, but doubtlessly there is need of a deep study and comprehensive analyze of the matter.

The sane individuals of the both communities, Balochis and non-Balochis, have been urging on formation of an independent board to study the pros and cons. The board should discuss to find out the better ways to overcome such problems. Of course, using mere force and power can not be a recommended option. Even it intensifies the situation.

The appointment of the new governor, Mr. Hatam Narui, shows the establishment has changed its previous stances partly toward Sistan-Baluchistan. Mr. Narui is an experienced man who enjoys a good status among most of the masses and their elders in Sistan-Baluchistan.

Therefore, we can claim it is the clue of hope for people who may get rid of the past’s fears. This appointment is a starting point that should end up with more reasonable decisions. A fair investigation into the recent incidents and punishment of the criminals will help development of peace in the largest province of Iran.


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