Security; the always anxiety in Zahedan

Security; the always anxiety in Zahedan
amniatThe above title is being used for many times during the 12 years of publication of the newspaper “Zahedan”, and it seems it might be used at other times as well. Assessing the causes of insecurity in the province there are different views according to different reasons.

Usually the officials and the government assert the issue of security in this province revolves around three axes:
I- The conspiracy of foreigner enemies of Iran; especially the United States of America.
II- Weakly dealing of the two neighbors in eastern Iran to maintain security and to ensure piece & safe in these areas fighting against the violators and enemies of security in the province; as it is said that the recent events took place in intelligence collaboration with some of these groups by the Pakistani government.
The third vision is that the groups which are hostile of the state and opposition to the regime, especially Wahhabism.

Some circles think that the ills of the security crisis lie in the behavior and treatment of politicians and extremists, officials and non-officials. Such people consider that one of the major causes of ill security is discriminatory actions of administration of the province in recruitment and employment as well as their interference in the religious affairs of the Sunnis and abusing of sacred places and personalities is the most prominent reasons for the lack of security in the province.
In fact, the reasons cited by each and every one of these two groups extraneous of insecurity in the province, but it seems if we audited the consideration of the case, we would find other reasons which could be the main factors to insecurity such as are following:

1- Poverty: The province of “Sistan and Baluchistan,” has always known with the title of “proscription.”
This deprivation including poverty is visible in the different indicators, when 500,000 of the total population of the province’s two million people covered by relief agencies, and when there are 150,000 female households, we can easily recognize the depth of poverty in the province. The first place in diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS, and unsafe deliveries, and underweight children also tells the story of both poverty and loss of health.

2- Unemployment: “Sistan and Baluchistan,” in addition to another province the existing percentage of unemployment in the country is also should be considered as a main factor for insecurity. “Sistan and Baluchistan” is a young province in the country it makes the case clearer to us the importance of employment and the danger of unemployment.

3- Illiteracy: In the field of education “Sistan and Baluchistan” holds first place in the number of illiterates. If we assume for culture a side role in security so there is no doubt that illiteracy is one of the ills affecting the cultural insecurity.

4- Mafia drug trafficking: The province “Sistan and Baluchistan,” is one of the gates where millions kilos of narcotics smuggled from Afghanistan. If we add to this, I think the drug trafficking plays a very danger role in spreading out insecurity not only in Iran rather all over the world as well as the links of the ethnic and religious population of both sides of the border, and the exclusive views of jurisprudence and the Iran’s policy of confrontation to this phenomenon, it makes more clear the role of the drug mafia in the security matter of the province.
We can add to the above main problems some other important and determinative points on the province’s security, but I think it is enough to our short article.
So now if we add the factors 1- the lack of a correct theory and appropriate plans; 2- weakness of local administration, next to the plots of foreign enemies, and lack of control of the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan on the region and the cooperation of some elements of the neighboring countries for the factors of insecurity, as well as discriminatory practices in government administration and recruitment, and interference in the religious affairs of the Sunnis, indifference and blasphemy to their sanctities, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, lack of facilities and possibilities to live and the presence of drug trafficking, the officials can study the image scene of insecurity in the province much brighter and clearer, they can understand better the consequences of insecurity and the outcome of creating hatred between the clans, sects and dispute in the historical unity and lack of development.
There are plans and projects for the departure from the security crisis and underdevelopment, but it is requiring submission officials to listen and places of implementation. There is no suitable circumstance for these plans properly and appropriately so far.

Dr. M.Taqi Rakhshani
The writer is the chief editor of daily “Zahedan”

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