Report: 19th annual ceremony of DM Zahedan (Part I)

Report: 19th annual ceremony of DM Zahedan (Part I)
khatm89Darululoom Zahedan University in Zahedan, south east of Iran has been held its nineteenth annual ceremony in honor of graduates, who have completed their Sharia Scholar course on Thursday, 8th July 2010, 26th Rajab 1431.

About one hundred and fifty thousand people from various areas populated by Sunnis in Iran participated in the ceremony. Besides many great scholars and Sunni professors were among the audience; but due to shortage of time some of great Islamic scholars of Baluchistan were allowed to deliver speech on the occasion.
“” provides its visitors some quotes of the speeches delivered at the ceremony:

Sermon of “Reza Shah bakhsh” a graduate of this year of Darululoom Zahedan:

The first speaker at the annual ceremony on the occasion of Khatm e Bukhari Shareef in Darululoom Zahedan University was brother Molawi “Reza Shah Bakhsh”, where he was speaking on behalf of the graduates of this school year.m-reza
Talking in his speech – after welcoming to the audience at the ceremony on the occasion of their auspicious – about the virtues of the Companions (may Allah be pleased with them) and their capabilities he said, “The Companions were the men who returned from ignorance to Islam, as well as to guidance and knowledge; they are the best creatures after the Prophets (A.S).
The young graduate added pointing out features of the companions, “The first quality and prominent feature of the companions is their strong belief, that faith which we are ordered to imitate them in it.”
“One of their intimacies was love of the Prophet (PBUH) as well as honesty and patience in dealing with hardship and calamities which they suffer for their faith. Almighty God says:
” وما نقموا منهم إلا أَنْ يُؤْمِنُوا بِاللَّهِ الْعَزِيزِ الْحَمِيدِ” [And they ill-treated them for no other reason than that they believed in Allah, Exalted in Power, worthy of all Praise!], he added.
Pointing out towards some other qualities of the companions he more said that preaching of Islam and looking at the world from a broader horizon and comprehensive view. Jihad for the sake of Allah is another great quality of the companions, even if they did not do jihad for the sake of Allah Almighty such as Ohod, Badr and Hunain, Islam did not reach us.
“Because of Jihad of the companions and performing this duty and their great efforts for that, Chorus and Roman Caesar underwent to Islamic rule,” he concluded his speech.

Speech of Engineer “Baqer Kurd”, former Representative of Shura Council of the Consultative Assembly

Engineer “Baqir Kurd” talked about Islam and the current situation of Muslims in the world: saying, “We can generally review the status of the Islamic nation of in three points:baqer1- The educational status
2- The economic situation
3- The Sources of connections and communications technologies especially press which is the newest way to disseminate news and information and to refrain societies from evil.”
The former member of the Iranian Parliament urged that education has a significant impact in the generation of science and human progress in various areas. In the terms of science and educational issues Islam is known as a scientific movement. We have revolves around the center of science, always Islam warns its followers from myths and superstition.
Then Mr. Kurd indicated towards the challenges facing the Islamic nation, saying, “The first thing is that Muslims are suffering from many problems and challenges especially the issue of unity and harmony between social classes and different sects of Islam that require us to study and ponder to remove this problem and face bravely this challenge.”
He added, “The second challenge is the contrast and conflict between the teachings of Islam and its values and the laws of global arrogance. The third challenge is the cultural challenges facing the Muslim Ummah in the issue of globalization, which demands for a logic and systematic stance and rational policy by scholars and thinkers.”

Sermon of Shaikh Muhammad Karim Saleh

Shaikh Muhammad Karim Saleh shared in his speech the importance of preaching after reciting some verses from the Holy Qur’an before tens of thousands of participants in the annual ceremony on the occasion of honoring the graduates of Darululoom Zahedan University and said: m-karim“Preaching was the main purpose of the whole Prophets and our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), certainly the key to success of the Muslim nation is preaching no doubt it is the weapon of Muslims. Nothing is equal with the capacity and power of preaching and its impact, neither the technological means nor other kinds of resources.”
Referring to the influence ways of preaching the active worker of Tablighi Jama’t more said, “The preacher should be kind and owner of soft heart. The Prophet (PBUH) was pity with his opponents and eager of their embracing Islam who were thirsty for his blood.”
Shaikh Muhammad Karim Saleh added: “There are three kinds of people, preachers must take care of each sect while preaching, and each of these classes methods and techniques can be understood by tracing the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
First class: they are faithful but ignorant of the provisions and the rules; the second class: Weak in faith and ignorant of Ahkaam (I mean the important deeds of Islam such as: prayers, zakat, sawm, and Hajj etc). The story of the Bedouin who maturated in the mosque (Masjid-ul-Nabi) and the Prophet made him understand in his footsteps refers to this class.
Third class: the weak in faith and knowledgeable about the provisions. The story of the young man who asked the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him to authorize him to adultery, referring to the third class, where the Prophet preached him in a special way as he ended his request for this vulnerability following the preaching of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and adultery became one of the most atrocious acts for him thereafter.”
At the end of his speech he addressed the opponents of the Islamic preaching and violators who seek to stand in front of preaching, saying, “Those who block the way of the preaching must know that objection and creating contrary to the preaching and the promotion to virtues and prevention from evils has meant the deployment of evils and lead the world into evil and destruction.”
“لو أنزلنا هذا القرآن على جبل لرأيته خاشعا متصدعا من خشية الله” [If We had caused this Qur’an to descend upon a mountain, thou (O Muhammad) verily hadst seen it humbled, rent asunder by the fear of Allah.] in front of thousands of participants in the annual ceremony on the occasion of honoring the graduates of Darululoom Zahedan University and to ponder on the verses.
He added, “The verse which I have recited it before you refer to the importance of reciting the Qur’an. Almighty Allah blessed people to guide and teach them two valuable things:
1- the messenger 2- the Qur’an.
The head of administrative matters section at Darululoom Zahedan further said, “Allama Abu-alHasan Ali Nadawi has mentioned in his book “The Origins and principles to get Qur’an” a set of barriers to understand Qur’an, and those barriers are as follows:
1- Arrogance; which prevents many of the polytheists of Quraysh to benefit from Qur’an because of arrogance, where they claim that if they accept the teachings of Qur’an they will miss their mundane positions.
2- Argument and following only wisdom and whatever they saw.
3- Worship of money, material and deny the Hereafter.
Qur’an emphasizes all the time that this life is more impermanent on one side and temporary and eternal life on other side. And Allah does not change the condition of any nation until they change it themselves.”
Pointing out to the complaisance to benefit from the verses of Qur’an he more said that demand and listening [Estema’] are the characters and curtseys to benefit from Qur’an.

Sermon of Molawi Nazir Ahmed Salami

Addressing to a large number of people in the nineteenth annual ceremony of Darululoom Zahedan Molawi Salami enlightened the situation of the Islamic nation and its citizens around the world and the problems which they face.m-nazeer
As he said that if we pay our consideration on the problems that Muslim ummah is facing we could see that there are two main reasons for these crises and problems in Islamic countries:
1- the growing of Israel’s aggressive steps in Palestine and the Zionist usurpers over there.
2- Fleeing of Muslims from their responsibilities and dispersion of the Qur’an and Sunnah.
“I would like to mention in my speech the challenges that threatened the Muslim Ummah as well as i will present to you the appropriate solutions to these challenges and dangers that must be taken by Muslims to stand up to these challenges.
One of the most important of these challenges is the preaching and being active against Christian missionaries which are working in Islamic countries, which requires the attention of our preachers and thinkers, as we see many Muslims in Islamic countries; they are affected of their false slogans and Christianity. There is a Christian activity plan in Baluchistan of Pakistan, which is dominated by poverty. Religious centers and schools should think in this case,” Molawi Nazir Ahmad pointed.
He went on saying, “The second challenge is the brilliant term “human rights”, we have observed how the global colonization surrounded Islamic country by this term, and this Hauteur who has engendered in the world this logo has surrounded a large group of people and prevent them from food and other basic needs of life. They consider humans only those who are working for the oppression and progress of colonization.”
The member of Assembly of Experts of the Leadership more added that the terms “Republic” and “democracy” are wonderful terms of the Colonialism. “Democracy” and “Republic” are beautiful in appearance but creating contrary to Islamic law. There is no value for the opinion of the majority mostly in Islam. Allah says addressing the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): [وإن تطع أكثر من في الأرض يضلوك عن سبيل الله إن يتبعون إلا الظن وإن هم إلا يخرصون];”And if you obey most of those on the earth, they will mislead you far away from Allâh’s Path. They follow nothing but conjectures, and they do nothing but lie.” The law and sharia accepts only the rule of Allah from the people.
Shaikh Salami further said, “Extremism is another challenge that has plagued the Muslim nation, where the band themselves some teams surviving [Najia] and disbelieve [Takfeer] others.
The teacher of Hadeeth at Darululoom Zahedan shared the solutions and ways to meet these challenges: saying, “This was a range of challenges that we face in our lives, but Almighty God blessed this nation many blessings and great opportunities, God gave the Muslims financial graces and moral support which has not been received by the other nations in the world. The Muslim nation has given the fortune Qur’an and Sunnah.
Muslims in the first century of Islamic history has overwhelmed the Persian and Roman empires by following the Qur’an and Sunnah.
Today we have Qur’an with the same strength and greatness, the condition is that we adhere to it, adopting all its teachings.”



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