Report: Shaikh A.Hameed in Khash & Sarawan (part II)

Report: Shaikh A.Hameed in Khash & Sarawan (part II)
molanaShaikh Abdul Hmaeed with the people of “Esfandak”: The Grand Shaikh, Maulana Abdul Hameed arrived to “Esfandak” village of “Pusht-e-Kuh” district of consequences of “Saravan” on Tuesday morning where he was welcomed by the people open-heartedly.

Shaikh, where he delivered his sermon was accompanied by Shaikh Mohammed Yousef Hussain Pour, Shaikh Usman Qalandarzehi, in “Touba mosque,” the Jame’a mosque of the area, talked about the knowledge of the Lord, and access to Allah and declared it the most important objective of the human lives.
Khateeb of Sunnis said, “The big mistake that is committed by people is to claim that Allah has created us only for drinking, eating, working, and earning material treasure.
People think that they came into the world to occupy the universe. But the fact is that such kind of people can never be satisfied to collect more and more money and love of this world at all.
There is no doubt that Allah has not created human for collecting money or acquisition of the world rather he had the superior goal to create the human beings. Certainly it’s obvious that this valuable mankind has not come to keep collecting material goods which are really worthless as it compared with the human abilities; because the world is transient and deathly, as well as the money if exist today so it is lost tomorrow.
Rather the God has honored human and gifted it the highest status, as this entire universe: the sun, the moon and all animals are created for humans. The dignity which is given to the humans is a very high status, if they know their status they would not lose the sight of the Creator.”
At the end of his speech sheikh said, “We should know that Almighty Allah has gifted us many abilities, we must take care of such divine gifts and try to act upon the divine instructions.
“You people must encourage your children to learn and get education, and you should plan seriously to know essential religious affairs” sheikh added.

Shaikh in “Kuhak” Village’s ceremony

Islamic guidance and bondage of Almighty Allah are the special graces for Muslims
While addressing the large gathering of people in”Kohak” the consequences of “Bum Posht Sarawan”, south east of Balochistan Grand Shaikh Abdul Hameed said: Islamic guidance and worship of Allah are the divine blessings.
He more said, “If we would be stick to the right religion, and worship Allah Almighty, as it is necessary, certainly we would gain pride here and hereafter too.
Islam never forces us to leave the blessings or take no benefits of God creatures, rather Allah Almighty prohibits to love this world and place its adornments in our hearts; so it means in spite of being slaves of money, wealth, and ranks we should be the slaves of Allah, in the same way we must be Kind to our children and fulfill the needs of our wives as our holy prophet(PBUH) was very kind to children and fulfilled the rights of Ummahat ul momineen (may God be pleased with them) but not to be slaves of women and children.
I advise you: do not be oblivious from the religion as well as Allah and His prophet (PBUH), and do know that the desires and the devils are mortal enemies of mankind, do not be deceived of these two foes. Keep Avoid always from sins and do make your life filled with light and blessings.”
In another section of his speech, the grand Shaikh urged, “Maintain the security of the region, and solve your problems always under the law. Get your livelihood in legal way; Almighty Allah is the guarantor of sustenance, there is no need to go through forbidden roads for livelihood. Imam Ghazali, (may God mercy on him) says: Allah did not take responsibility for His slaves for Paradise and said if you want paradise then you have to do good deeds, but livelihood of them is guaranteed by Allah, however, people do not seek to get Paradise, and only take side of dependence and trust!, but for their work they cut all the ways rather through lawful or prohibited, and commit sin and taboo.”
At the end Shaikh urged the audience to seek knowledge, science and act on the religion and actively participate in progressive activities of this muslim ummah as it was the main reason for the dignity of Arabs and more said, ” when the prophet Muhammad(PBUH) was sent to them along with the religion and divine guidance the ignorant Arabs became on the status which dazzled the world.
Encourage your children to learn and seek knowledge and to gain more science and knowledge; do not waste their time with other business.”


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