Tehran’s representative in parliament abuses Aayisha

Tehran’s representative in parliament abuses Aayisha
kouchakzadehTehran: The representative of Tehran in the Shura Council Mehdi Kuchekzadeh has abused the Mother of the Believers Aishah Seddiqah (may Allah be pleased with her) in a debate program.

This representative in the Iranian Parliament declared the mother of the believers Aayesha (may Allah be pleased with her) drift when he was talking to Ali Shakouri Rad Member of “Association Front”, participating the annual session of another political party in Shiraz city. He also did other abuses to her great personality.
It is noteworthy that this abuse made by him after impudence in the newspaper of “Watan Imrouz” on Saturday 06/02/2010 and it was condemned and criticized by the Sunni scholars and the representatives of the Sunnis in the parliament the Minister of Culture and Guidance; but without paying any attention to these objections and criticisms has used such worse words against Aayisha (may Allah be pleased with her).
Kuchek Zadeh should know and others like him that it is impossible and  it is far from logic to compare contemporary political issues and governance with the pious caliphs or to be likened the conflicting parties with the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him), who were stars of Islam and the lights of guidance. [Where the rest, where the chandelier!].
“Sunni Online” team condemns this abusive behavior and request authorities in the country to stop such program which carries some kind of abuse of a sacred and affects unity and brotherhood.

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