‘Survival of the government is in participation of all communities in management of the country’

‘Survival of the government is in participation of all communities in management of the country’
molana-hamayeshheikh Abdul Hameed, chairman of Darululoom Zahedan, has mentioned in his speech at the annual gathering of university students from different universities of Iran the life of the Prophet and his companions (may Allah be pleased with them) and said: “Their lives were filled with good and blessings and they are symbols of all Muslims, no one is able to provide models more completed than the companions of the Prophet peace be upon him.”

The great Sheikh added: “Unfortunately, some people have been trying to compare the current political parties with the companions of Jamal and Siffin. There is no doubt that any one of the Shiite clerics and Sunni scholars should not be measured and compared with Khulafaa Rashidin, Ahl-e-Bait and Zubair and Talha (may God bless them). If it is necessary to compare, so there are many examples and models in the past history, the current events can be likened with them. They must be careful about pious people who were the first students of Islamic civilization and gained the honor of the Prophet’s company (peace be upon him), and they were trained by his great teachings. Still no one can find out their examples rather never any one can find their models in future.”
Sheikh Abdul Hameed incited students to further pursue and struggle in sake of knowledge and said: “Students should not limit themselves to undergraduate degrees, B.S and master, but they should seek to obtain the various disciplines in science and to be owners of innovation and inventions and to solve the problems of the people and the State by providing constructive ideas and useful theories.”
Sheikh stressed on non-disintegration of science and the religion and said: “You must sacrifice and struggle in order to get knowledge, but while seeking such knowledge don’t lose the basic and important elements that are our beliefs and the main ideologies, so we can preserve the values and be true followers of the Prophet peace be upon him, and we stick with religiosity in the Holy Quran which is the most complete and honorable book in existence. There is no one who can be contented from the great teachings of the holy prophet (PBUH). Although the Crusaders and the Umma’s enemies in the media suspicions about this great personality, but the fact is that the life of the Holy prophet was perfect and modal and fair for all these suspicions.”
Sheikh Abdul Hameed pointed to the rights of Sunnis in Iran and said that we have repeatedly emphasized that we are Iranians, and Iran is our country, we want goodness and compassion for all human beings. Islam has commanded us benevolently dealing with the animals as well as the human and it commanded us to observe their rights. We are emphasizing the religious dimension of brotherhood and national levels, we all are Muslims and we are brothers, we do not miss this fraternity, and everyone who lives in Iran, to any religion or sect he belongs, we consider him brother and citizen. Islam, which is the official religion in the country, as well as the Constitution gives us the equality right with others.
Sheikh added: “According to the international conventions where Iran is a signatory, as well as due to Islamic law, all citizens have equal rights. So they should be respected and their religious freedoms and cultural rights must be given, and we want implement of justice in the country.
Different tribes, nations, sects and followers of all religions live in multiple cultures Iran with their own traditions, they should be respected and they should be treated equally in the light of Constitution. Islam did not fight against cultures and customs, but repaired them and maintained languages, cultures and good traditions. Islam did not force any one of his followers to speak in Arabic, the language of the Prophet peace be upon him rather it incites every one to learn this honorable language. No doubt we can seek to save the local languages and cultures from loss.”

He further said that there is no place for compulsion in Islam, and the followers of different religions are free to follow on their jurisprudence of doctrines and to practice of their religious education and upbringing of the followers of that doctrine which they have adopted. It is necessary to maintain religious freedom of Ahl-e-Sunnat which stated by the Constitution. The Constitution does not ban on establishment of a mosque or school. There should not be barriers and problems in offering of Friday prayers in Tehran and other cities of Iran. Unfortunately, a group of extremists has been trying to impose their views on other people to include everyone in their own doctrine.
Sheikh went on and said: “We think one political party or political wing can not progress and succeed in the country, rather we believe that the key to the success of the system and its stability to come together all political parties and groups with the diversity of sects and opinions and serve the nation along with the great power of unity. The selection of employees should be on the base of ability and disciplines.”
Sheikh added: “These are logic ways to get rid of dilemmas, I do not ask the objectives or the benefits of self by saying this, but I say that to provide employments to the elite and qualified sons of the Sunnis in the country’s administration, it is one of the dilemmas of the Sunnis in Iran. I amaze why some elements are afraid of these tips, it is in favor of the country and system. The era of kingdom and Prince got finished, so they must resolve the issue of recruitment of Sunnis and assume the senior ones who have been deprived of basic rights for more than thirty years, in addition to it their part in the regional employment is very less, our children should  feel a bright future for themselves. The brotherhood requires that the officials should treated with this issue, open-minded and to leave the implementation of the laws had not been written yet, that prevent the participation of the Sunnis in government departments and armed forces.”
Maulana Abdul Hameed further said that Ahl-e-Sunnah community in Iran is free of the blame of the excessive and neglect. We repeatedly protested against excessive and negligence activities, we are not satisfied stringent and we condemn it. We always work on the articles of the Constitution and we ask our rights through legitimate methods.


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