• Just a Few More Days to Ramadhan:What Should You Do?

    Published on : 07 07 2015

    Our beloved Prophet said: “Ramadan has come to you. It is a blessed month that Allah The Almighty prescribed fasting during it and wherein the gates of heavens are open, the gates of Hell are shut, and the rebellious devils are chained. Allah placed a night, which is better than one thousand months, in this […]


  • The Last Ten Nights of Ramadan – Don’t Miss!

    Published on : 06 07 2015

    The last ten nights of Ramadan are very special. The first of these nights occurs on the eve of the 21st day of Ramadan. In other words, it is the night that commences after the completion of the 20th day of fasting.


  • The House During Ramadan

    Published on : 04 07 2015

    One of the favors that Allah could bestow upon a Muslim is to prolong his life until he reaches the month of Ramadan and then enables him to fast it and pray the optional night prayers during it. Rewards for good deeds in this month are multiplied; ranks are elevated; and Allah frees many people […]


  • Forgiveness: The Gift in the Middle of Ramadan

    Published on : 02 07 2015

    Forgiveness has been a recurring theme throughout the realm of creation.


  • Eating or Drinking Forgetfully in Ramadan

    Published on : 30 06 2015

    Question:    As-salamu `alaykum. I totally forgot that I was fasting and had a cup of coffee when I got to work. Will this break my fast?


  • Why Do Muslims Fast?

    Published on : 17 06 2015

    Why on earth would anyone willingly choose to fast from dawn to sunset for a whole month?


  • Welcoming the Month of Qur’an

    Published on : 15 06 2015

    The month of Ramadan is a time when we, despite the struggle, keep ourselves away from that which is otherwise permissible and a necessity in our life. For the past eleven months, at some level we have given preference to our physical self, in terms of nourishment, than our soul. We’ve done things we shouldn’t […]


  • Ramadan and Time Robbers

    Published on : 13 06 2015

    Ramadan comes with a full package of opportunities and spiritual environment that no one can deny: Fasting and patience, iftar parties and the social aspect, taraweeh prayers and Qur’an recitation…etc. All of that are great and they put you (or force you) into the Ramadan zone.


  • Make Summer Fasting Easy by Following the Sunnah

    Published on : 11 06 2015

    fasting in Ramadan during summer months is more challenging than when it falls during the winter.


  • It’s Time To Get Your Family Ready For Ramadan

    Published on : 31 05 2015

    Seize the opportunity of Sha’ban and get ready for Ramadan!!