It’s Time To Get Your Family Ready For Ramadan

It’s Time To Get Your Family Ready For Ramadan

Seize the opportunity of Sha’ban and get ready for Ramadan!!
The boxer trains before the fight. The student studies to prepare for the test. The family that prepares for Ramadan during Rajab and Sha’ban will get so much out of Ramadan!
How can you and your family prepare and get ready for Ramadan?
Discuss expectations- yes, it’s fasting time and schedules change during Ramadan. Now is a great time to discuss the family schedule and what’s to be expected. Write down the family schedule for Ramadan so that everyone is organized and prepared!
What time is bed time since we will be at the Masjid? What will the day look like during Ramadan? Who handles what task? Sit together and write it out. You want to be on the same page, be clear, and together!
At times, frustrations happen and Ramadan feels rushed and overwhelming because we didn’t take the time beforehand to really prepare ourselves and homes for it. Allah has blessed us with the time to prepare for Ramadan and we should get everyone involved, sharing their goals, expectations, and plans.
Get ahead- plan your meals, will you be at the Masjid every night or at home? Either way prepare your home and family by having meals planned. Some days during Ramadan the energy may be less, so taking the time now to plan, quick easy meals can save time and energy!
Even when it’s not Ramadan, menu planning has been a big blessing in my life, especially as a mom of 6 children! Eat meals for the season, summer time meals call for more fruits and salads. Not only is it healthy but also gives the body more energy.
Start fasting – Get your body used to the feeling of fasting by having everyone fast on Mondays and Thursdays. Even if it’s half a day, build up the time to where you eventually can do a full day of fasting! This especially helps children who are fasting for the first time the entire month of Ramadan. Doing this as a family creates a support system, and closeness that not only is good for the heart but great for family relationships.
Cut the distractions- you don’t have to abandon your daily pleasures but now is the perfect time to tone it down. Ramadan comes around once a year, don’t let it pass with unnecessary distractions!
Reduce TV time, internet, and all things that may distract one from Allah and The blessed month of Ramadan. During Rajab and Sha’ban reduce and redirect that time to more Ibada and more family time!
Get spiritually fit- make intentions for you and your family to get closer to Allah! Begin spending time reading Quran as a family and praying together more.
Our hearts are connected even more so when we remind each other of Allah and with family doing it together, it’s moral support and bonding that can help us to increase our iman. We want to go into Ramadan with intentions of doing better than we do, all the previous months. Memorize Quran, duaas and set spiritual goals personally and as a family.
Have a problem with gossip? Strive to change story telling into duaa!
Rajab and Sha’ban are great times to get our minds, hearts, and homes ready for Ramadan. To successfully do that, we must really take the time to get things in order first.
What have you done to prepare? Sit down, write a list of goals to accomplish before Ramadan and each family member can do individual ones and then one as a family.
Keep a journal and reflect at the end. Our goal is to carry on after Ramadan as a family all that we have learned and gained.
Are you ready for Ramadan?
Prepare today!!

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