• Shaikh A.Hameed can’t participate Qatar conference

    Published on : 21 10 2010

    ZAHEDAN, IRAN: Due to the detention of passport of Shaikh Abdul Hameed, the eminent Sunni scholar and the chairman of Union of Sunni seminaries of Sistan-Baluchistan by the Iranian authorities respected Shaikh has cancelled his trip to Qatar where he wanted participating in the Eighth Conference of Doha Interfaith Dialogue.


  • Nephew of Shaikh A.Hameed detained in Tehran

    Published on : 19 10 2010

    TEHRAN: The Iranian authorities have arrested Haji Abdul Raheem Shah Bakhsh, the son-in-law of the prominent Sunni scholar, Shaikh Abdul Hameed in Tehran.


  • Ayatollah Khamenahi’s fatwa over hating Sunnis’ sanctity needs legislating

    Published on : 14 10 2010

    SANANDAJ: After the demand of Islamic scholars as well as the public of Kurdistan province the General Culture Council has asked the Iranian parliament to legislate the legal opinion (fatwa) of Ayatollah Khamenehi.


  • “Sunnionline” targeted by unknown enemies

    Published on : 11 10 2010

    ZAHEDAN: The official website of Sunni community in Iran (SunniOnlilne) has been targeted by unknown hackers for another time as they faced failure.


  • D.M Zahedan: New educational year starts

    Published on : 06 10 2010

    ZAHEDAN: The new educational year was opened on 25th of Shawwal (04/10/2010) on Monday by the recitation of first Hdeeth of Sahih Al Bukhari which is the most accurate book after the holy Quran, and new classes were started absolutely in Zahidan.


  • Sunni ulema grieve for the death of Dr Ghazi (late)

    Published on : 28 09 2010

    Regarding to the sorrowful passing away of the great Muslim author and researcher, the former minister of religious affairs of Pakistan and the founder member and ex-president of International Islamic University (IIUI), Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi (Allah’s mercy be on him) the head of Darululoom Zahedan, Iran along with the professors of  Darululoom Zahedan and […]


  • Iran: Mullah Muhsen Husaini arrested

    Published on : 20 09 2010

    KURDISTAN: Few days ago the Iranian forces arrested the Sunni scholar, Shaikh Mullah Muhsen Husaini, imam and khateeb of the Sunni community in Kamyaran city of Kurdistan province.


  • ‘None is allowed to interfere our religious affairs’

    Published on : 12 09 2010

    Here in Zahedan while delivering Eid khutba (speech) in front of more than two lakes people the imam and khatib of Jumma prayer for sunnis Shaikh Abdul Hameed said, “we are much sorry we have not achieved our keen desires and wishes by great Islamic revolution. Even though thirty years of this revolution have passed […]


  • Iran banned Sunni’s Eid congregation in Tehran

    Published on :

    TEHRAN: The Iranian authorities have banned the Sunni community of the capital, Tehran to offer Eid prayers inside houses.


  • ‘Obscene websites must be stopped’

    Published on : 11 08 2010

    ZAHEDAN: Some extremist websites and weekly magazines have been insulting the Sunnis’ beliefs and accusing Sunni educational centers and scholars, the head of Darululoom Zahedan Shaikh Abdul Hameed said.